Confederate Statues Tell a Story of Lies

March 20, 2019


Confederate statues tell a story. The story these despicable symbols carry is one of trying to keep the walking dead ideology of white supremacy alive—trying to keep racism alive even after slave owners lost a war that killed hundreds of thousands. It is no surprise that right after the Supreme Court case of Plessy vs. Ferguson, southern bigots and racist lunatics sought to keep their evilness alive by erecting statues at a time when they were trying to enforce Jim Crow laws. All of the lies generated by the former slave owners, and their brainwashed ancestors, were aimed at supporting segregation and white supremacy through their worn out method of changing the subject. They changed the subject by claiming the Civil War was about “Northern Aggression” and all sorts of propaganda. However, they messed themselves up by admitting that the Civil War was mostly about slavery in their own words in their Articles of Secession. Confederate statues tell a story, but it is not the true story of racism and slavery.   


White supremacy has always found a way to stick around. This is a case were the losers were actually allowed to write their own history because the North abandoned the cause of human rights for blacks. The former slave owners were allowed to convert slavery to a new form that could only be described as “slavery by another name.” They did this by passing vagrancy laws and “Pig Laws” that simply made it illegal not to have a job or for starving slaves to steal a pig—using false accusations to create a racist legal system. They did that all the way up until the 1940s and beyond, by kidnapping blacks to work on farms and in coal mines by using the legal system. 


The 13th Amendment was sabotaged. Read it! “Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.” The word “except” is the story those Confederate statues tell. After the Civil War, former slave owners and the legal system conspired to convict blacks, mostly on invented charges, using enhanced criminal penalties. In each generation, white supremacy has sought to hold on by using lies to achieve the goal of keeping people that still believe they are white in positions of power.


According to researcher Edward H. Bonekemper, in his book “The Myth of the Lost Cause,” there are several falsehoods that neo-confederates tell to justify maintaining racist statues. According to Bonekemper the lies are as follows: Slavery was good for blacks, States Rights was the reason for the Civil War and not slavery, the South faced great odds and never had a chance of winning the war, Robert E. Lee was the greatest general, the Confederacy lost at Gettysburg because of a blundering general, General Grant was a “butcher,” and the North used brutal tactics to win. All of these excuses for the Civil War are pure lies. In the first case the Civil War was almost entirely about slavery and protecting the institution of its brutal operations. “States Rights” explicitly meant the right for the states to protect slavery from abolition. The slave owners won many battles and might have won the war if Robert E. Lee were not such a poor military leader. One cannot be the greatest general of the Civil War if one loses. Grant was a much better general, and unlike Lee, listened to advisors and was a better tactician. 



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