Importance of the Black Vote

March 20, 2019

 San Antonio -  Over the last several years, election cycles have garnered much of the media's attention, whether it be on the local, state or national levels.  In response to the changes to laws, that governed and protected our elections, from suppression or nefarious interests, many community based organizations and interested groups have found themselves wondering how to increase voter turnout and participation. Conventional wisdom reflects giant efforts made for voter registration, but, lesser efforts for "getting out the vote".  I have advocated for more effort to be concentrated in the following areas of transportation, voter education, target new eligible voters, increase visibility and tailor the message.   


Transportation means to make arrangements to get more people to the polls, whether it's for early voting or on election day.  Voter Education equates to providing more education to voters as to "What's On The Ballot" to include explanations on the issues and candidates.  Target newly eligible voters targets seventeen year old adults to increase their participation.  Increase Visibility makes better use of print and social media and initiates rallies to attract more parties.  The last point is to tailor the message.  Help voters to become educated on candidates and informed on the issues.




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