March 20, 2019


As we are celebrating the November Democratic victories across our county, I encourage you to pay even closer attention to the upcoming San Antonio elections. There is a possibility city council will not have an African-American representative! Can you imagine the seventh largest city in the United States not having an African American on city council?

Why is this important? I can tell you from firsthand experience not everyone supports or is even interested in the mayor’s “equity lens”. Whether you agree with that approach or the mayor’s politics one thing is for sure; our neighborhoods have been neglected too long. We need sidewalks, street lights, fair community policing, equitable development, streets without potholes, bike lanes to name a few. Why should those things be limited to downtown and the north side? If we continue with business as usual, we will get the usual business.

It does not matter where you live in the city, get out and talk to your candidates. Attend their neighborhood talks. Make sure they know you by name. Find out their plan to fight for you while collaborating with their fellow council members. Tell them your expectations.

Are you registered to vote? If not, you still have time BUT you need to register by the end of the month to vote in the upcoming city election. Next step, vote early. Make it a point to fill your car with other voters when you vote. Report your efforts to your candidate of choice. Waiting until election day to ensure your candidate’s win is not effective strategy. Black media, black churches, black social organizations, Divine Nine we need you to encourage your members to participate.

With the close of Black History Month, we were reminded about the blood that spilled for our right to vote. Just up the road at the LBJ Presidential Library, you can view photos of President Johnson signing the Voting Rights Act, a mere 54 years ago. Don’t disappoint our forefathers. Don’t let the bloodshed be in vain. Be an example to our children. Secure our future. Get out and vote! It is no time for sleeping. STAY WOKE!

This Issue’s Challenge:

Meet the mayoral and district candidates. Share your pictures and your thoughts on our social media page.





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