It is quite the surprise sometimes when families look deeply into their ancestry to find nothing but shell shocking things.  Finding that your ancestors were anti-Semitic and pro-Nazi can blow your world to pieces when you stand for just and right treatment of all.


A German family- the  Reimann’s, which owns well-known brands like Krispy Kreme and Dr Pepper, recently concluded a three-year investigation into their ancestors’ anti-Semitic, pro-Nazi history. In response to their findings, the family is donating $11 million to an undisclosed charity. 


 Photo: Observer


I applaud this family, who owns brands like Krispy Kreme and Dr. Pepper, who brought forth their true history and rebuked it stating, “There is nothing to gloss over”.  After finding these atrocities out the family is donating 11 million to charities.  Understanding that it doesn’t erase what their ancestors stood for they said the buck stops HERE. And on top of that, this buck (about 11 million of them) are going to charities for the very cause you stood against.  


It’s not hard to say something was wrong and fix it.  It’s not hard to say we messed up and we need to put our money where our mouth is and towards causes that help not tear down and annihilate certain communities.  It’s not hard to say this is bad.  When someone truly hurts you and says nothing about it, we sometimes wonder if they even care.  Are they our friends or are they here for something else?  But when someone says ‘I’m sorry’ it truly can make heaven and earth move.  


A lot more people need to swallow their pride and say sorry.  Just like Mr.  Haft, he found a problem, he addressed it head on, and he put action behind his words for the good and RIGHT of others.  


Next week join us as we look at the integrity of some of those amongst us in our own backyards.



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