April 3, 2019

After years of legal battles between the Hays Street Bridge Restoration Group and the City of San Antonio Councilman Brockhouse, now a mayoral candidate, says “Help the Restoration Group” when he spoke with WOAI/iHEART media.  Our vast coverage of the Hays Street Bridge has pleaded with the city and begged for consideration of our community historical bridge and we’ve been ignored by current Mayor Nirenberg who agreed to take this to a lawsuit with former city manager Sculley. 












"The only way to restore public trust is to drop all legal challenges, stop wasting public tax dollars and help the Restoration Group and neighboring community reclaim their landmark and public space," Brockhouse said.


He said it is time for San Antonio taxpayers to stop footing the bill for 'frivolous lawsuits' meant to 'protect the politically connected friends of the Mayor and former City Manager.'


Read the full story at HERE at WOAI/iHEART Media.



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