Publisher's Note- Numbers do not lie


In our past 2 issues we have looked at who our Mayoral Candidates are and what they stand for.  9 people are running to be your next Mayor.  One of them is your current Mayor Ron Nirenberg.


While we looked at the stance each candidate took on the City Propositions A, B & C we see that 1 Mayoral Candidate was AGAINST ALL the Props.  The 1 candidate AGAINST ALL the Props. is your current Mayor Ron Nirenberg.


The other 8 candidates in some way, shape, or form either supported, at least 1 Prop, or was not at all happy with the way the City (Mayor Nirenberg and former City Manager Sculley) handled the situation with their own City Fire Department.  One candidate, Mr. Velasquez (now candidate for Mayor), stated “I disagree with how the city blamed solely the Fire Union when leaders are on both sides”.  See story at


The 1 Mayoral Candidate who begged for the people to decide against the status quo was current District 6 Councilman Gregg Brockhouse. 


It makes you do the math to see if ‘things add up’.  It is also a huge statement that out of 9 total Mayoral Candidates only 1 was against all the Props.  Usually majority rules, people decide, and people vote, then change is made. 


Consider all decisions each Mayoral Candidate states they will make or have made in the past and truly see if that is where your vote deserves to go.


I’ve always been told numbers do not lie.  



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