The Use of Falsehoods Flourish


What is erased, distorted, and untold from history becomes a weapon used to create and maintain myth or lies, which creates a false racialized foundation passed on to the living, generation after generation. The ignorant, who are the victims of much of this fake orchestration of historical accuracy, are the victims. Take for example the idea that the Republican Party is the Party of Lincoln. While this may be technically correct it is used nowadays to propagandize the folks that don’t think very much. Here they are using a well-like president to connect the image of the Republican Party to a great president. Notwithstanding the fact that Lincoln held conservative views in some matters, is the fact that being against slavery during the Civil War was the ultimate in being of liberal persuasion. For the Republicans to coattail Lincoln in this era is a complete use of trickery for there is very little room for progressive ideas in their party today.  The Republican Party is the ultimate opposite of Lincoln in this time frame. Nevertheless, Republicans try their best at fake news and fake history in order to push their decrepit agenda. 


We still hear things that are complete lies such as claiming the Civil War was not about slavery. Most of us know that is a lie, but there are others that are not so simple. For example, people still believe that Columbus discovered America and that he believed the Earth was flat. History records that sailors knew for thousands of years that the Earth was round. This story was invented hundreds of years after 1492 by a textbook writer that was trying to make Columbus look like a superman. Americus Vespucci even invented fake history by attaching his name to the origin of the name of “America,” which most likely came from what Native people in present-day Nicaragua called the area.


According to Rachael Cargle, in Bazaar Magazine, “Columbus was not a hero but in reality a destructive colonizer whose conquests lead to the massacre of millions of Native Americans. For some reason white people still cling to the idea that he did something monumental and worthy of praise. You may hear them say, ‘We can't dismiss the fact that the foundation of this country has offered a lot of good to the world.’ She said correctly that a realistic reply would be, “We cannot simply ignore the fact that the success of this ‘great’ country has been on the backs of native, black, and brown people. That only in eradicating whole communities to take their land, dismissing complete cultures, and the manual labor of those marginalized communities has wealth and power been acquired.”’


Another issue being avoided is that of “White privilege.” According to Cargle, “White privilege has nothing to do with who you are as a person. It has everything to do with the systematic realities of the world we live in. It is one which generation after generation oppresses people who are black and benefits people who are white at all levels of society. When white people dismiss the idea of privilege with statements like, ‘But I had it hard too," it’s irrelevant. Because no matter how poor you were, no matter what neighborhood you grew up in, no matter what struggle you identify with, you were still white while experiencing it; which means compared to any black person living a paralleled experience, you were indeed reaping the benefits of societal preference towards white skin. . . .  


Dismissing it twists the knife in our country’s already wounded system.”



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