Born with Political Birth Defects

April 10, 2019


America was born with political birth defects: A “racial” birth defect, a class birth defect, and a gender birth defect. There is ample evidence to demonstrate that the wars against the British were wars aimed at protecting the American slave owning class and the acts of protest against British rule, that have become sacred in American politics, were but the rise of a white supremacist regime on the American continent that would later become the United States of America. In fact, the so-called “Committees of Correspondence” that were the ill-named white racist groupings, were organized as a result of a black man named Aaron Briggs being the chief witness against white colonists for burning and killing Englishmen aboard the English ship named the Gaspee


Members of the Committees of Correspondence characterized Briggs’ willingness to testify against white colonists as “obnoxious, alarming and arbitrary,” and called Aaron Briggs the “Negro-Indian Witness.”  They were concerned that the British were going to free blacks and use them to fight the American slavers. In fact, the British armed black men and later saw to it that many would not be returned to their American slave masters. Many African Americans would be allowed to remain free and were resettled as freemen in Canada, Nova Scotia and other countries.


This is the new factual explanation of how America was formed. It explains the problems this nation inherited from a class of mostly wealthy, white male, plantation owners (class, gender, and “race”). Slavery would eventually be the main reason for the Civil War. Poor whites would be used to fight this dirty war to maintain the rule of rich men, but many poor whites refused to fight for Robert E. Lee in the tens of thousands.  American history is being rewritten to explain what really happened in the formation of this country and the Civil War. Oppression remains a problem today for all of those that have suffered under this nightmare system. To be precise, there were American presidents, and poor whites, who opposed slavery, but their ideas were removed from history books by white supremacists using fake history.


The word slave itself, and the word slavery, was purposely removed from the Constitution. Slavery is seen in the Constitution in a few strategic places. The first is in the Enumeration Clause, where representatives are apportioned. Each state is given a number of representatives based on its population. In that population, enslaved people are called "other persons, and were counted as three-fifths human. Northerners wanted slaves, principally in the South, which were considered property, not be counted. One need only look at the Electoral College system to know it was created for racist and class oppression. Southern wealthy men, conscious of the high number of slaves in their states, wanted them counted as whole persons despite the fact that they were treated like animals. 


 This so-called compromise could more appropriately be called the three-fifths racist law. Slavery was legally justified in an indirect manner. Shrewd manipulation of words is typical of the fake history being told by white supremacist racists. Using ambiguity, the framers of the Constitution allowed slavery to exist. Many US presidents were slave owners and thus their pocket book was tied to their beliefs. All of this would come to backfire on them as a Civil War ended slavery and civil rights legislation slowly began to crush the power of white supremacy.Today, millions of people, who still identify themselves as whites, reject the ideas of racism as a real history is now being written. The nightmare system was slowly changed and is still be changed for the better.


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