April 10, 2019

US Civil Rights Commissioner Blasts City Council Vote, Cites Chick-Fil-A Decision Is Insulting To The Christian Church, Possible Lawsuits!



(San Antonio) - The battle on the San Antonio International Airport and Chick-Fil-A may not be over.   A letter dated March 27, 2019 from Civil Rights Commissioner Peter Kirsanow to Mayor Ron Nirenberg and copied to the City Council and Governor Greg Abbott, ask if the taxpayers “will consider the legal fees and damages the City will incur to be worth Council members’ exercise in moral vanity.”  The US Commissioner “urges the City Council to rescind its ban of Chick-Fil-A.”    The letter provided to the SA Observer may be viewed below.   He further indicated “the council of a city named for a Catholic saint singling out a fast-food restaurant for opprobrium and disparate treatment because the owners gave money to religious organizations that share the Catholic Church’s view of marriage" is wrong.  "I respectfully suggest that by that standard, City Council’s got a lot more banning to do!”    Who is next to be judged by our liberal Council?  How much will this quick decision cost the City?


You may also view the letter HERE.


A Disconnected Councilman


The Commissioner states clearly that the City of San Antonio violated the first Amendment protections of free speech and the rights of contractors in their dealings with government officials.   He states that “Speech” includes monetary donations to organizations that government officials may not like.  He closes his argument by stating, “governments may not refuse to hire contractors because of their speech, nor may they pressure contractors into taking action against a third party.”   Councilman Robert Trevino, District 1, who led the ban of Chick-Fill-A stated that “the City is a champion for equality and inclusion.”  SA Observer surveyed over 100 people on his very statement and 8 out of 10 people disagree with his sentiment.


 We asked over 100 people, "Is San Antonio a champion city for equality and inclusion?  


The Survey SAYS:


 17% YES

 83% NO


Numbers do not lie, Politicians do  


It is now impossible to justify Mayor Nirenberg being re-elected, as a city, to elect the same Mayor again who states this is a compassionate, inclusive city when, clearly, the voters are screaming "No" it is not.   Do any of these politicians deserve your vote?  Or is there something Nirenberg has personally done that has made living in San Antonio better for you?


 Political Ad


Trevino's Data


What data is Councilman Robert Trevino basing his statements from?  Falsehoods, which is very misleading to the voters as he should also apologize for this asinine statement.  San Antonio, a champion city for equality and inclusion?  Are we talking about the city that is conspiring to draw new boundaries for District 2 and deny the possibility of a Black elected Councilperson?    Are we talking about the city and county that has denied 1,500 Blacks employment?  Are we talking about the city that shut out black contractors for decades and according to our video, they still do?  The city that ignores the Asian American and Black Chambers 7 year request to join the San Antonio Economic Development Foundation board and be hired on the paid staff?   A championship city doesn't isolate the true minority groups - and the minority group that is in power should never oppress other minority groups.    You have a seat at the table and you make choices everyday that impact you and your sexual preferences.  But the real champions for equality and inclusion - our Black population - never benefit from the crosses they carry.  So no, 83% of our readers and social media followers say you are wrong.  


Your Mayoral Vote


Change requires a different choice on the voting ballot. Currently Mayor Nirenberg has bred a circle of council friends to vote against inclusion, they so often preach is here, yet it is sorely not.  Councilman Brockhouse has reached out to you in this paper to consider him for your next vote.  Your voice, your vote.  Stay informed.


Councilman Trevino and Mayor Nirenberg, this is not an all-inclusive city according to many studies done here in this city, state, and nationwide. 


Numbers do not lie, politicians do.



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