Remember- History Can Repeat Itself

April 10, 2019

(Article updated on April 14, 2019 after Facebook erupts with proof Jada Andrews-Sullivan in pockets of Hays Street Bridge Apartment Developer Mitch Meyer)




Waseem Ali, CEO of the Observer, says “history has a way of repeating itself”.     He continued, “Sheila McNeil as City Councilwoman was deeply tied into the Zachry Corporation… the same company also donated to Ivy Taylor.   The White real estate developers would plan and plot and ultimately work their economic growth agendas and did nothing for the D2 Black community.  The only thing they did was leave us vulnerable for gentrification”.    One example is how the entire St Paul Square is taken over by the city and by Zachry.  





After looking at the campaign finance reports, we are very skeptical of Jada Andrews-Sullivan.   Why are businesses, organizations and people endorsing her from outside the district?    Why is Joeris Construction employees, a super large nonminority company, financially backing Jada?   Our update also shows controversial developer Mitch Meyer who former City Manager Sheryl Sculley with City Council's blessing gave the Hays Street Bridge for luxury high rise apartments.    Zac Harris is also a developer type with deep investments in Alamo Beer - the combination of the two developers should raise the red flag in District 2.   As they said back in the day, "The British are coming... The British are coming!!!!"   We should substitute the word Gentrification for British....


Why Jada?   It’s because they have upcoming projects on the Eastside.  The future of the Hays Street Bridge is still up in the air.    Why would the establishment endorse Jada knowing the Hays Street Bridge is still undecided?    Do they want a political neophyte to make the decisions for  District 2?    In Joeris past work across the city and with work on school district projects, minority contractors have not been pulled up and mentored by this company.  


 Meyers Family Donates Generously







Why would SABOR endorse a candidate who has not purchased a home and achieved the American Dream?   Really, why is Jada a good opportunity to invest in for the White community?   Who is she that makes the Express News endorse her after 49 days on the campaign trail?  Let's remember the Mayor and City Council picked her to move forward to perhaps advance their agendas.   The top community leader D2 picked, with the help of Texas Representative Barbara Hawkins, Dereck Hillyer was not embraced after a city smear campaign. 


So why should the EastSide trust an anointed candidate Jada Sullivan that has stated openly she would push their LGBQT nondiscrimination ordinance agenda?  Is it because she received the Stonewall Democrats endorsement who search for LGBQT advocates?    Why did Jada state to City Council members during her historic interviews for the interim position that she would recommend raising taxes to support her ideas to improve District 2?    First she doesn't own a home and to raise property taxes would hurt the elderly voters.   With over 200 churches on the EastSide, we don't believe she can step out with her own voice unless she has great courage to push further LGBQT advancements.  Is she going to be her own voice or a voice reflective of the community she serves?     In the recent Chick-Fil-A vote of City Council, Councilman Art Hall vote "NO" against the ban.   Now with this quick decision of his peers, the US Commission on Civil Rights has warned the City future lawsuits may come in violation of First Amendment Rights of Freedom of Speech.   We also say "No, New Taxes" - in the spirit of the late President George Bush. We find her narrative to be problematic for D2.  We are already seeing too many bonds that will later show evidence of collusion.






Conversely, Keith Toney appears to be receiving endorsements and campaign funds from the owners of small, minority, women and Veteran owned companies.    In fact, the former Councilman “has been doing the work of the D2 Councilman by showing up to community meetings speaking up for the district 2 companies, and nonprofits to include working issues with the Fair Contracting Coalition, and businesses to include Straight Line Management (African American owned), Consolidated Installation Support (African American Owned & Veteran), MedWheels (Hispanic & Woman Owned) and JP Paving (Hispanic Owned)” said Tommy Calvert Sr., Founder of Neighborhood First Alliance.   “He’s doing all of this in addition to showing up to debates and neighborhood forums.”   Councilman Toney also has received endorsements from Dr. Juan N. Tolliver, Pastor Patrick Jones, former Councilman Joe Webb, former Councilman John Sanders, Dr. Jerry William Dailey, Dr. Lester Gillespie, Kyle Arnell, Jeffrey C. Thomas, and Sheila Sidberry Thomas.    Most recently past D2 candidates Dori Miller, and Principal Tyrone Darden have joined the Toney Team with their support and financial contributions.






It is clear the two Hispanic/Latina candidates should not be counted out. For the two Latina candidates they are waging an uphill battle in the race. Their lack of public finance disclosure is disturbing. It has been reported by many and we are stating the obvious, that Mayor Nirenberg’s wife, Erika Prosper Nirenberg, is trying to influence the race by ensuring the City Council become all Hispanic. The Mayor, at the April


Lighthouse Luncheon denied such allegations when asked. Erika Prosper is the past Chairwoman of the San Antonio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. She is also on the Executive Board of the San Antonio Economic Development Foundation (SAEDF). This is the same organization Black and Asian leaders in the city have been openly protesting to enable their respective chambers of commerce to serve on the board and to be hired. The SAEDF has denied both ideas are good to end the economic segregation in our city. It is a private country club. Erika Prosper, while new to the SAEDF board, has not voiced any support to add the Asian American Chamber or any African American Chamber. Why? Neither fits her agenda. And while the Mayor often downplays his wife is one of the most powerful San Antonio women, and meddles in politics, she is effectively growing an army. This is why we need to see the campaign finance reports and need to be actively watching how the city will redraw the lines in our district. The goal is to stop the representation of future Black elected council members. Remember, history does have a way of repeating itself. It's just not at the national level with President Donald Trump and "Making America Great Again!" 




“You will see Toney and the community in action defending the business opportunities for companies who have experienced city backlash, discrimination and reports of reprisal.  This position is not for the faint of heart and some have said, we need a Councilman that we don’t have to teach how to ride a bike.  We don’t need training wheels on.  Day one already started when our Black companies and Hispanic companies are losing millions of dollars due to trickery and poor processes in place at the City of San Antonio and other public agencies". said long-time civil rights leader, Tommy Calvert Sr.


Early Voting starts April 22, 2019 and the narrative could change between now and then.  





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