Saving Sam Houston HS Means Saving Our Community

April 17, 2019

Saving Sam Houston HS Means Saving Our Community


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“Hail to Sam Houston High proud We Shall always be honor and loyalty to thy Fair name although the years may pass thy love with us shall be ever a memory Sam Houston High.”  “This song has so much meaning” says Darrell Boyce, candidate for District 2 SAISD Board of Trustees.  “For those of us who attended Sam Houston this song was the highlight and was etched into our hearts.  We are proud of our school.  Sam Houston has produced more talent than any school in this district.  Our history speaks for itself!  Even in adversity Sam Houston rose from the ashes and continued to thrive.  I am proud to call myself a Sam Houston Graduate!  I’m even prouder to serve my Alma Mater.”



 Photo: Observer


10 years ago, Sam Houston was on the chopping block.  Our community came together to fight to keep our beloved school from closing.  Community members gathered on three occasions to create a plan and show the SAISD Board that the community was united.  There is unity in our community.  The school remained.


Boyce (pictured) continues, “Many in the community know that without Sam Houston High School our community would be changed forever.  Parents are taking their kids out of Sam Houston and placing them in the charter school system, not realizing the damage that these private publicly funded charter schools are doing to our community.  Because of the low attendance rates and the lack of enrollment at Sam Houston the school is unable to receive the amount of funding needed to enhance programs and other additional services and resources that our kids need.  This is the plan, that those who want Sam Houston closed years ago wanted to see.”




Have you noticed that in the last ten years we have voted yes to the school bonds and they pass which gives our schools face lifts and within 3 to 5 years those schools close?  It’s no coincidence, let’s break it down.  District 2 is not in a landlocked!  We have plenty of land in our district.  In fact, our land just so happens to be the most profitable and valuable land in the city.  Developers buy cheap and sell high.


 Photo: Observer




Think about this, why would you rebuild a school and close a school within 5 years?  Two words come to mind- Prime Property.  You, the taxpayer have already paid for it and now it may be sold to the highest bidder for maximum profit.  Here is where it hurts our community.  If We can’t keep Sam Houston High School open, we will not attract new residents.  If we can’t attract new residents, then we can’t attract new business.  Without new business, there is no tax revenue.  Without tax revenues, there is no funding to support improvements needed to sustain our community.


Boyce concludes by saying, “Thriving communities have awesome schools!  The plan is to starve Sam Houston by closing the feeder schools, this tactic that is working.  Another plan is to create the narrative that Sam Houston is a bad or lower performing school which is far from the truth.  Sam Houston has been doing great academically for the past few years, unfortunately SAISD has not marketed Sam Houston and the terrific programs that are happening at the school.  Another problem is having non-profit partners managing our schools.  This means that we the tax payers pay TWICE for what we already pay SAISD to do- the work.”




Bottom line is Sam Houston should remain a public school.  SAISD and the superintendent should sit down with the community and discuss ways to make the schools in this district as innovative as other schools in the District.  Yes, we have the new PTECH Cyber security program coming to Sam Houston but what good will it be if we don’t have the students to take advantage of it?  Just as important as the District 2 race for City Council is the SAISD Board of Trustees race.  Again, your vote should be with someone who can speak truth to power, be accountable to all the community, and not be a puppet for the needs of rich Developers of ‘non-profit’ charter schools. 




First, thank you to the San Antonio Observer for being both the voice and the conscious of our community by keeping us informed of the “real deal” when it comes to issues that directly affect our future.  One such issue is the potential closing of the venerable and iconic Sam Houston High School.  I concur with the points made in the Boyce article that we simply cannot allow this for the reasons Boyce articulates so very well. As the District 2 Councilman I will lend the power of my office to fight tooth and nail to keep Sam Houston vibrant and open!




Councilman Greg Brockhouse said at a recent debate for Mayoral Candidates on the EastSide, “I will work with the community to ensure education improves, and that people know what actions they can take to protect the future of their schools.”  He remarked that he is from San Antonio and grew up here, and stated that our current mayor cannot say that.  Mayor Nirenberg did not attend the EastSide debate put on by the Black Lawyers Association of San Antonio and the Men of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity amongst many others.  “We need a Mayor who knows San Antonio from the inside and knows our streets and our schools.  We need a Mayor who appreciates the needs of people of color and we need to do much more with the My Brothers Keeper Program.  I will look into the issues that impact our economically segregated city to be a true champion city of equality and inclusion.”  Brockhouse concluded at New Creation Fellowship Church by stating he is a ten-year Veteran of the United States Air Force and he through his experience would understand how to support Military City USA that happens to be within District 2.”



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