April 17, 2019

The Vote and the Black Media


 As local elections draw closer and heats up, it is important we get to the heart of the issues. Getting to the heart of the issue requires villagers to be informed. Too much is at stake for us to choose our leaders through an emotional lens. District 2 has a Tax Incentive Revitalization Zone (TIRZ) worth more than 1.5 million dollars. The municipal and Alamo Colleges bond passed two years ago adds additional dollars to District 2. There is over 90 million dollars being sowed into our community as you read this. Imagine the impact of this money into our community?


Pay attention to who is supporting the candidates. Follow the money! Determine if the businesses supporting the candidates have your best interest? Have they historically supported the community through jobs, partnering with community businesses, and or the sponsorship of community programs? Their past track record is an indicator of future performance.


The last Village column focused on the church’s civic responsibility. This column is a call to our knowledge brokers, the Black media to keep us informed and the villagers responsibility to listen.


Media, we need you to report on the city-wide candidates support of the Black agenda. Since we have not identified a formal “Black Agenda”, here is my take:

•   Black Business support

•   Jobs

•   Affordable Housing

•   Safe Neighborhoods

•   Community Policing

•   Accessible Health Care

•   Crime Reduction

•   Youth Enrichment


Historically, the focus is on District 2 but today I am calling the villagers across the city to challenge your city council and mayoral candidates to support our agenda. It takes 6 votes for an ordinance to past city council. We must hold our elected officials across the city accountable to us. 


Every media outlet: radio, internet radio, television network, television shows, periodicals, social media and the like, call our city to order! Let the puppeteers know, we see you, we will call you out and we will hold you accountable.


Villagers support our media.  Purchase from, share, promote on your social media and anything else that comes to mind. Our voice depends on it. Our future is at stake. Not just District 2 but wherever you live in San Antonio.




1.    Ask your local media to report on how the city-wide candidates are supporting our 

       agenda. Post the results on social media.


2.    Support two Black media outlets. Share your support on our Facebook page.



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