April 17, 2019

District 2 City Council Candidate Jada Sullivan is not here for what the community has been begging for- when backed almost fully by Hays Street Bridge Developers, is she truly for District 2?  Not that we can see.  Time will tell.  Read on.


 Why is Joeris Construction employees, a super large non minority company, financially backing Jada?   Our update also shows controversial developer Mitch Meyer who former City Manager Sheryl Sculley with City Council's blessing gave the Hays Street Bridge for luxury high rise apartments.    Zac Harris is also a developer type with deep investments in Alamo Beer - the combination of the two developers should raise the red flag in District 2.   As they said back in the day, "The British are coming... The British are coming!!!!" We should substitute the word Gentrification for British....

Why Jada?   It’s because they have upcoming projects on the Eastside.  The future of the Hays Street Bridge is still up in the air.    Why would the establishment endorse Jada knowing the Hays Street Bridge is still undecided?    Do they want a political neophyte to make the decisions for  District 2?    

Why did Jada state to City Council members during her historic interviews for the interim position that she would recommend raising taxes to support her ideas to improve District 2?   Answers Jada, answers, you have aligned with those who have taken from us for years.

First she doesn't own a home and to raise property taxes would hurt the elderly voters.   With over 200 churches on the EastSide, we don't believe she can step out with her own voice unless she has great courage to push further LGBQT advancements.  Is she going to be her own voice or a voice reflective of the community she serves?    Be very cautious of this candidate and her intentions for your community.


Stay informed and vote!



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