My name is Keith A. Toney.   I am your former Councilman and candidate for District 2, City of San Antonio.    I request your vote for me this week during early voting!   The great thing to remember is You can vote anywhere in San Antonio only during this period of time.  I encourage you to exercise your right to vote.  It was almost 150 years ago when Black people earned the vote under the 15th Amendment.   54 years ago, the Voting Rights Act of 1964 was signed that merely provided enforcement in Southern states who kept us away from the voting polls.    It’s sobering to know the many lives who died for this right to vote.   I ask that you demonstrate your appreciation for this gift of life by storming to the polls!  


I want to be very clear with my vision for District 2.  If elected, I will work hard for you every day with honesty and integrity to advance District 2 families.  I am the only candidate with demonstrated experience and praised publicly for it.   As you see me on the campaign trail I have surrounded myself with the best and brightest people in our city.   


I am answering the call to attend meetings as the former councilman to give a helping hand.  I have attended nearly every community forum and debate because I want to answer your tough questions.   I have been transparent with reporting on my campaign finances while the majority of the candidates running didn’t release their information.   For these “political neophytes” as the Express News called them, made their first mistakes by failing to disclose.  You need to know the money sources backing your leaders.


Unfortunately for one of the three of us who did report, Jada Sullivan has been picked apart because her financing revealed money sources that appear to fast forward raising taxes, stealing a view on the Hays Street Bridge for a few, and accelerating gentrification that most of you are not still comfortable with.    This candidate was handpicked by the Mayor and City Council as the future of D2 during the interim council-member appointment process, even over the People’s Choice that was organized by our Black ministers in the community.   Why did the hard work of our community and an attack on a retired first responder occur?   The answer is control.   The current political leaders want to control people and communities – they don’t want the unbossed Shirley Chisolm types.


Unfortunately, we have seen how voting impacts our community.   Did it really surprise you to see the historic Chick-fil-a vote last week, to be flipped to support the Mayor and City Council’s decision by District 2?      For me the issue was not whether I support or do not support Chick-fil-a.    The real issues that we needed to see the Council to explore was had we truly violated the First Amendment rights of the company being recommended to be changed?    After reading the US Commissioner on Civil Rights legal views, I would have thought it would be appropriate for Councilman Art Hall to survey his constituents versus making an independent decision for us.    But I again remember he was appointed by the Mayor and City Council, and at the end of the day, he changed his vote to support where his appointment came from.  I believe the vote last week deserved to be re-looked for how the decision was made, and to ask more questions about the threats of another lawsuit that we, District 2 residents, will have to pay if everything we learned comes true.   



Does true experience matter?  YES.  In all races outside of District 2, experience was endorsed over rookie leaders with no track records.  At the same time, there are some powerful media in our city that would recommend youth, and inexperience and believe our district can weather a series of bad mistakes.  The other reality is if the Mayor’s race goes into a run-off, in their mind, District 2 would be good for run-off votes considering the current mayor won the vote in his last mayor’s race.   Does this make sense?   I see this trap for District 2 being set!    I encourage you to vote early and let’s end the cycle of being manipulated.


District 2 has a history of political candidates that have made rookie political mistakes or even use the position as a stepping stone to advance personally.    I hope you believe in your heart and demonstrate with your VOTE, Experience Matters!



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