My name is Christopher Green. I was born and raised on the East Side of San Antonio, attending Kirby Junior High and Judson High School before graduating with honors from Texas State University with a degree in Journalism. I planned to work as a broadcast journalist, but education called me to the classroom because of my passion for equity and justice. Education continues to be a critical civil rights issue of our time, and I recognize how easily my life would be different without the opportunity education provided me. 


My dad was a high school dropout who was later able to graduate from college through the G.I. Bill, and my mother served in the Army as a nurse, compassionately caring for her patients. It was my parents who taught me the importance of education, opportunity, and perseverance. Their leadership has inspired me to give back by teaching my middle school students here in San Antonio.




From my first year in the classroom, I began to notice obstacles coming from outside factors preventing students, families, and teachers from reaching our potential in education. For every student that went into a year several years behind that was able to grow multiple years in reading growth by the end of the year, there seemed to be another student I patiently built a relationship with, only to see them have to move schools because they had to change schools once again. 


Rather than losing hope because of setbacks and challenges, I realized it would be necessary to pursue opportunities to engage with others in the community to seek solutions to the issues affecting us at the school and neighborhood level. I co-founded a community organizing group called SA Rising In Solidarity for Equity. With parents, students, educators, and community members, issues have surfaced, leaders identified, and action has been taken to bring solutions and positive outcomes to students and their families. SA RISE worked with San Antonio I.S.D. and other community partners to create a police and community handbook that protects our kids and families who are vulnerable because of their immigration status. Now we witness the district’s commitment to implementing social-emotional learning, restorative practices, and to rewriting the student code of conduct with community input. 


As a trustee, I promise to operate as the organizer and teacher-leader that I have embodied for years. Walking through our neighborhoods and down the streets of District 2 every day, I see the potential in our students, their families, and the teachers in our schools. I know we must work together to improve outcomes and provide an excellent education for all students in SAISD. 


Together, with you, our students, their families, and the support of the community, we can ensure that SAISD is providing a high-quality education that develops the whole child and improves life outcomes for kids. I promise to work hard on behalf of students and families, not just in District 2, but for all of San Antonio, to achieve this goal. By May 4th, I hope you’ll cast your vote for Chris Green and the future of our SAISD students.



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