May 1, 2019

Gentrify your own Hood, Jay-Z performs freestyle rap honoring Nipsey Hussle


Jay-Z performed his B-Sides Concert last week in New York City.  His set included many old school songs of his that we all still know and love to this day.  One freestyle lyric he did was in honor and a tribute to his friend, the late Nipsey Hussle who was gunned down outside his LA store.


Jay-Z had a mouthful and its knowledge and tribute at it's best.  Take a look below.


Gentrify your own hood, before these people do it
Claim eminent domain and have your people move in 
That’s a small glimpse into what Nipsey was doing
For anybody that’s still confused as to what he was doing
The neighborhood is designed to keep us trapped
They red line us, so property declines if you live by blacks
They depress the asset and take the property back
It’s a ruthless but a genius plan in fact
So now we fighting over scraps
Crabs in a barrel, but crabs don’t belong in the barrel and they ain’t never tell us that
So in the barrel, we gonna act like we act
We can easily get out the barrel if we stand on each other’s back
Whoever gets on top, as long as they stay attached
They gonna pull everybody out—I was doing just that
I told Neighborhood Nipsey stay close
There’s a 100 million dollars on your schedule, lay low
Tell your team to be on point in the places that they go
I never dreamed that he get killed in the place that he called home
How we gonna get in power if we kill the source?
Y’all like to run off on the plug, so of course
That ain’t lit, that’s a means to an end
Me and my team was playing the plug ahead of plan
Sometimes we was only making a $1000 a joint
That ain’t no money, but that ain’t main point
So those 92 bricks was only 92 thou
So y’all can close your mouth, it ain’t nothing for y’all to wild (Wow)
But it is something to study
We was chasing our goals, not chasing money
Niggas chasing hoes, we find that funny
I pull up in the Rolls, that hoe gon’ want me
But I don’t want no hoe, I want a wife
Somebody to bounce these ideas off at night
I be going to sleep hoping Nip visit me
That young king had a lot of jewels to split with me
And we ain’t gotta leave the hood physically
But we gotta leave that shit mentally

Some how, some way
We gonna make it out the hood some day




One of the last powerful lines Jay-Z gave his audience last week, when his lyrics shot out into the crowd was “We ain’t gotta leave the hood physically but we gotta leave that shit mentally. “.    With elections it’s even more true.  We must elect those in line with our vision as we work to reach higher community goals and pass on those who have shown they are not.  Not everyone is for everything.  We don’t need more stacked against us if given the choice. 

San Antonio’s current Mayor Nirenberg, up for re-election this Saturday, has not had any connections or relationships of community substance that support the Nips of the Neighborhood.  Obama’s, My Brother’s Keeper Program has even been neglected since Nirenberg took the reigns of Mayor.  



The East Side of San Antonio is on the top 10 list, nationwide, as one of the fastest gentrifying neighborhoods in the country.   We are also one of the top ten most segregated cities in the US. All of the sudden the land where blacks live is now worth 300k and up for a small home.  Almost just yesterday it was around 120k on the high side.  The position of Mayor should want to strive to lead a city that doesn’t top crime, poverty, and gentrification or is this the new normal?  Are we accepting of these outcomes a second time around?  Are we willing to risk another 2 years of where the last 2 years have gotten us?  Change has to happen as history has a well known background of repeating itself.  Vote for change and who represents your moral compass.  


Who would Nipsey vote for? Sometimes putting yourself into someone else’s shoes may shine a different light on different issues where there once was none. Be open to change and be open to understanding others as you make your informed vote. Mayor candidate Greg Brockhouse has My Brothers Keeper on his to do list if elected, Nirenberg has left it to dry for the last few years.   Think of those situations also when making an informed decision for Mayor. Who gets the privilege to lead you? 


When we look at the District 2 race we see high rises and developers everywhere if Jada Sullivan is elected.  With Toney we see community and we see someone who knows of a few Nipsey’s in the community he desires to lead.  


When your financially backed by developers I see development.  When your financially backed by the community I see community.  The equation is simple and it’s not the road towards developers it’s towards community in this race.   Development must happen, but it cannot be your solid financial backing if your a candidate it smells too bad. 



Nipsey may have had friends in high places but selling out his community was never up for discussion.  It is a sad thing that we are even here having this discussion.   Nipsey’s legacy has poured education and knowledge into us since we have gotten a closer look into his life since his death.  Why death brings so much after the fact is a question we will always ask ourselves, but one reason is called a legacy.  Nip will always be looked up to and used as a guide in life and business by the stories and actions he left here for us to learn and inspire others with


Nipsey Hussle is quoted saying when wanting to open his first store in Fairfax, “Nah. This needs to be in the hood. We need to make this the Apple Store of the hood.” Although you might look at this community as whatever you choose to call it: a ghetto, the hood. Let’s be a reflection of what good can come out of it. We deliberately put the store right there on purpose. That was 1000% our intention.


Nipsey’s first partner Iddris Sandu said, “Obviously he had roots there. He grew up there and everything. But the reason he put the store right there was to show that this is the product that can come from the hood if it’s catered in the right way. This is that rose that can grow from the broken pavement.” 



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