May 8, 2019

D2 Council Candidate, Keith Toney, speaks on ending discrimination and fighting for jobs for African Americans in San Antonio


 (L-R) D2 Council Candidate Keith Toney and San Antonio City Manager Erik Walsh


San Antonio – Former District 2 Councilman Keith Toney stated in his election bid at his campaign watch party on Saturday, May 4, 2019, he will finish the investigation to the under-utilization of African-American talent that was the subject of the SA Observer 1500 Jobs article covered in 2018.    “We must end economic discrimination in San Antonio. As I was endorsed by the San Antonio branch of the AFL-CIO, I know how workers feel about having a good paying jobs.”


Last Week's Article: Fair Contracting Coalition

Meets with City Mgr. Erik Walsh


Toney says, “When we look at the African American situation, I want to commend the SA Observer in their investigatory report, that showed that Blacks have twice the opportunity to work in Austin, Texas on the city staff, as they do in San Antonio with half our Black population. Numbers don’t lie.  I want to be clear, if elected, I will work with the City Manager Erik Walsh to address the HR Department’s performance and request from the Mayor a special task force to investigate the allegations that the city has failed the spirit of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.    I will invite my NAACP leadership to spearhead this initiative to include our new President Dr. Gregory Hudspeth and invite Mr. Oliver Hill, our past President, to have a role.  In matters like this experience matters.  We must have the right eyes on this.  I know our City Manager is new and I believe he will be transparent.  We can work with him and further the work of former Councilman William “Cruz” Shaw who openly asked the city to account for the approximately 1,000 jobs the city had diverted to other groups versus hiring qualified Black people.   Job opportunity and security is too important!   When I saw the Fair Contracting Coalition asking the City Manager to hire an African American Deputy or Assistant City Manager it is a reality that discrimination is modeled in the highest staff office in our city.    We must end our City being on the top of the list of the most economically segregated US cities by setting a new example.   As a Veteran living in Military City USA, we cannot be hypocrites to the military personnel who are the best and the brightest and most diverse ever.  These men and women are in District 2 at Joint Base San Antonio.  Additionally, we are the city with the largest MLK March in the world!  My fraternity brother, Dr. King stood for the poor, the unemployed, and the Black families he saw being denied opportunities every day.  If elected, Team Toney will lead by example.  We need the votes of the community to hold their city government accountable.   We also need more financial contributions to our campaign as developers are going to flood our district to support my opponent with their money to swing the community into their hands.

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