May 8, 2019



May 1, 2019 (Washington, D.C.) - The NAACP, the nation’s foremost civil rights organization, released the following statement in response to Attorney General William Barr’s testimony this past week:

 "Attorney General William Barr is unfit to serve. We opposed his confirmation because we believed he could not serve independently and would protect Donald Trump at all costs. Since taking office, Mr. Barr as demonstrated a gross dereliction of his duty by misleading Congress and the American people. His egregious mischaracterization of the Mueller report and blatantly false testimony to Congress not only raises more questions than answers, but places our democracy and the rule of law in jeopardy. It is deeply concerning that those entrusted to impartially administer justice lack the ability to hold our highest officials accountable for their actions.”

“Mr. Barr cannot be trusted to enforce our nation’s laws and safeguard our constitutional rights.  It is now up to Congress to take all appropriate action to ensure the integrity and security of our democracy.



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