The Matrix of Racist Lies


There are many problems with the way history is being taught in our educational system.  Quite simply—most of it is untrue, falsified, or completely ignored to satisfy a fantasy-land version of what took place in the past. No one can claim to be an honest historian unless they tell the good, the bad, and the ugly. Let’s look at Patrick Henry, the guy that said, “Give me liberty or give me death.”  There is a lot of hullabaloo about these words but only a short time after he spoke these words he was ordering slave catchers to keep watch on Virginia slaves that were willing to fight for the British in order to gain their freedom. Other lies abound coming from the slave owning southern confederate authorities and their sucker-punched followers.


I support the 2nd Amendment, but the various reasons for it are totally ignored. In many respects the reason why we have the right to bear arms, stemmed from this amendment being pushed through in order for southern states to maintain militias; which were used to catch runaway slaves. The Second Amendment was in fact written and passed not just to prevent the government from oppressing people but for racist reasons as well. The Second Amendment was used to protect the institution of slavery and white supremacy.


Perhaps the most invented fake historical heroes, other than Robert E. Lee, was Thomas Jefferson.  “Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” rings hollow when Jefferson owned at least 175 slaves.  Many textbooks mention that Jefferson owned slaves, but it is done as if it where only a minor point instead of a system that allowed racialized whites to murder, rape, and hang blacks for any reason.  Under a system of slavery, America was built on the backs of black people and the poor. This is the true origin of the United States. In fact, Jefferson supported the expansion of slavery into the western part of America at a time when the Native Americans were being slaughtered in mass by the supporters of white supremacy.  Jefferson may have claimed that he opposed slavery in public, but in private he was a super supporter of the institution of slavery as was Robert E. Lee.  They both had his slaves that they whipped and sold into the brutal system of the South.  Many of these fake heroes only freed slaves that were related to them by blood!  


The famous black advocate of freedom, David Walker, one said that Jefferson should be remembered as the greatest enemy of black people.  In fact, David Walker felt that whites would have a difficult time removing the racial cancer that Jefferson helped to put in the minds of whites.  Walker said in 1829, “Mr. Jefferson’s remarks [dis]respecting us have sunk deep into the hearts of whites, and never will be removed this side of eternity.” When whites refused the ideas of white superiority they too were subjected to oppression and sometimes were killed.  John Brown was perhaps the greatest example of a white man that refused to accept the ideas of white supremacy and was called everything from “N-Lover,” to crazy person. John Brown was a “traitor” to the institution of slavery, racism, and white supremacy and was a hero to the slave. We have been sucker-punched into believing that slavery was a minor thing, but all of the historical evidence points us in the direction of understanding that slavery was crucial and central in the American Revolution, the Alamo, the Civil War, the taking of Indian lands, and the entire social fabric of American society.      




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