The Drumbeat of Fools


 I was born into a social structure that was designed to destroy human dignity. We are experiencing a new wave of racist attempts by political officials and from the far right. These wild rants are made worse by a wave of political fools that are stoking the fires of anyone that is easily fooled by illogical passion. There are loads of websites that unashamedly grind out erroneous propaganda in which an ignorant populace is fertile ground.  We can be dead to the world, yet breathing, from birth to death and never even grasp the controls by which we are being manipulated by conservative lies. By this I mean we are told things through an institutionalized educational system our entire life which when looked at closely is designed to keep unfalsely informed.  Things are changing however.


The language of falsehoods is held up in educational systems designed to ignore the real foundations upon which this country was built. At the top of the pyramid are the ideas of the slave owner rulers that are elevated to heroes and then taught to the unsuspecting from elementary school to college. In our case, white supremacy has dominated that educational system. Though we are blessed with teachers that uncover the inner workings of this society, of the racial and class mechanisms, every discipline is nevertheless tainted with white supremacy in every chapter of most every book. Things are changing.


When I review book content, across all levels, it is evident that blacks, brown people, women, and even whites are bombarded with lies, half-truths, and omissions concerning the involvement and contributions to the American political, cultural, and economic development of the United States. This problem is a public policy issue at the State Board of Education level in Texas, and in all of the states whose textbooks for public schools are chosen by close-minded white supremacists. It would appear that African American contributions and involvement is generally treated as outside the mainstream of American political and historical development. This is how it is segregated in literature; of simply segregating educational information along the lines of “Black History,” of just being "Black History," and not part of the totality of American History. I would argue that in looking at history books, social studies curriculum, and other disciplines they are generally approved without vetting the content for missing historical contributions by minorities that should be in every chapter of every textbook at both the public school level and at the university level. This may be done either by design or out of ignorance as a result of being propagandized by the drumbeat of fools from birth. 


When Colin Kaepernick began “taking a knee” during the national anthem back in September of 2016, the donkeys of ignorance began their chants of loathing, but Kaepernick’s soundless symbolic protest was designed to insist upon a recognition of the way people of color are being oppressed.  He was also defending the First Amendment, something many, if not most, Americans never practice despite claiming to be “loyal patriots.” The First Amendment to the Constitution guarantees freedom of speech and protest, but instead of praising his stance, even if you disagree with his position, the ignorant wolves in the bleachers howled to rally the pack to frenzy of drunken mob shouts. Many of the ignorant shouters don’t even know what the First Amendment says. 


This amendment should have been emphasized throughout all of our educational years, if we lived in a true democracy, so that people would comprehend its meaning when they saw it in action!



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