May 14, 2019

District 2 Recount!  Gutierrez-Homer protests and
pays for recount to challenge Keith Toney and Jada Sullivan





"There was a glitch in the vote count" in Precinct 4110 that gave over 33,000 votes to Denise Gutierrez-Homer.  Bexar County quickly noticed the software glitch and fixed the mistake in real-time.    However when the dust settled, Homer finished third with 20% to Sullivan's 21% to former Councilman Keith Toney's 27%.   The odds are slim to none that the recount will prevail in Homer's favor, but Homer is making her opponents sweat!  As the only Latina candidate, she is 59 votes shy from prevailing in her appeal that she has paid for through her campaign funds.



We believe the most important time for the East Side of San Antonio may be now…  Why?  With the looming Wednesday May 15th recount to Jada Andrews-Sullivan’s second place, Denise Gutierrez-Homer has struck a nerve or a chord of concern in the African-American community.  The chord is RE-DISTRICTING that comes with the 2021 Census that enables new lines to be drawn under the United States Voting Rights Act.
Namely the law says you cannot have regression or dilution of minority people within a district.   It was designed to prevent Republicans from diluting minority voting streams.

However, it is very rare to see in places like San Antonio, Texas, have two dominant minority groups within a district – African Americans and Latinos/Hispanics combined are the majority to the White populations.    Most communities across America are majority White districts.



So what will happen if we have two Blacks in the June 8th contest?  Either former Councilman Keith A. Toney or Jada Sullivan will have the ability to draw the lines without losing one African American in the voting block.  If Denise Gutierrez-Homer is successful to be on the June 8th ballot and replace Sullivan and beats Toney, Homer would be able to draw the lines for District 2, and not one Hispanic would be
lost from the District. The group in power prevails. With Blacks being gentrified out of District 2, the population is shrinking and the probability the city would see another Black elected Councilman or Councilwoman would be rare versus the norm.   This is what the sense of urgency represents in this election.



One White Eastside Resident who is very involved in the community stated, "I want to see fair representation on our council why would a seat be ran for if everyone truly wanted fair representation?  We need black representation not all white, not all Hispanic, not all Black but fair representation."

Even with two Black candidates on the June 8, 2019 ticket, do both have the right experiences to do the job?   Will the influencers of the candidates also shape how the new lines are drawn?



A classic example is in Austin, Texas.   Compared to San Antonio, Austin was also divided by the I-35 and assigned the East Side to their Black citizens.   The Railroad lines were drawn similarly across the community.   The African Americans in Austin were the most aggressively gentrified or pushed out of their homes in the past decade.   Where did those Blacks go in Austin when the developers took over?  The Austin lacks went further East and further North East.   They went into areas not dominated by African American elected leadership.  The community that bulked up was Pflugerville, Texas.  Similarly, African Americans in San Antonio are being gentrified or pushed  further East and North in areas like Converse, Shertz, Selma, Live Oak, Judson, Universal City. These are communities that have significant Black populations but no impact on the City of San Antonio.

San Antonio is experiencing a gradual shaving off of the African American population and influence.  The 2019 election could accelerate the inevitable which is a faster turnover of elected leadership in D2.  If Blacks want to ensure a decade more of leadership, then they must vote.  This election cycle is showing that experience does matter.



Please read Denise Gutierrez-Homer's letter… She is basically saying it’s time to change the status quo.  Let us interpret, status quo is electing another African-American in office for District 2.    This is the status quo, the Republican party, which she is affiliates with wants to see happen now.    Whether Denise Gutierrez-Homer or Jada Andrews-Sullivan, former Councilman Keith A. Toney’s campaign will have to contend with the outside influencers and investors who want to change the district to Latino or big developers who want to accelerate gentrification!  Remember to stay tune and get your early votes in to make a difference.  The stakes are being raised in this critical district.   Many are also saying Blacks will determine the next Mayor of San  Antonio.   


Pay attention and stay informed.








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