D2 Candidate with Active Arrest Warrant for Theft in Hays County

May 21, 2019

Will Evictions, History of Theft/Bad Checks, and Legal Issues change your Vote? 


The story title is horrible, but it reflects the state of the D2 race where your vote does matter.  Either we are going to work with an experienced leader, or we will experiment with buffoonery! 

Our question is, “Will the real Jada please stand up?” 

If you look up the candidate, she has used various names and aliases which makes it hard to pull her past together.  There are at least ten names that you can use to track the District 2 Council candidate. Here is the list:   1) Jada L. Smith, (2) Jada Andrews Hunt, (3) Jada Lanise King, (4) Jada L. Andrews (5) Jada L. Lanise King (6) Jada Andrews (7) Jady Sullivan (8) Jada Sullivan (9) Jada Lanise Andrews and (10) Jada Andrews-Sullivan.  This is important as voters search for information on the candidate to ensure they are looking at the right candidate, Jada makes it a bit confusing but the list above should help. 

Listen, some of our readers have said we are unfair.  We are bashing one candidate over the other.   Last week you saw in the Observer, Jada inappropriately used campaign funds to buy clothes, hair and more. The first report we warned you about was the collusion of the developers, and the current Mayor (Nirenberg) to put a puppet into office so they will control the future of D2. The Observer is unbought and unbossed, we tell the truth and the truth is not always popular.  If anything is false, we will retract it but we do extra due diligence to ensure truth (whether it hurts anyone’s feelings or not) your tax dollars are about to be managed by one of these candidates and it is your right to know as much as you can about the person handling your interests, personally and financially.  We hope to provide every single bit of detail we can, so you, the voter can make your decision and what is best for your needs and those of the community.   In our defense we care too much what happens to our community.   


 Photo: Public Record


In this week’s report, before you cast early votes on March 28th, please look at the real issues of our D2 candidate.   We were called and notified that our D2 candidate has an active arrest warrant for theft.   There is more meat on the bone we will report next week, and we must report it to the community before she is elected, and we suffer.   We really hope that the Jada campaign agrees this is not the time for her to run. There are too many skeletons in the closet still being learned.  We revert to history when Rep. Gervin-Hawkins ran against Independent Laura Thompson and ensured she cleared her criminal history during the heat of the election and Ms. Thompson did just that- it does sometimes get ugly, but unfortunately, there are only truth’s coming to light.  Again, the voter is entitled to this information so you may vote how you feel necessary.  

Also, to be clear, the community has known Keith Toney for years, and when he was the D2 City Councilman we checked him out in 2014.   Search our Observer articles online to know we have done our due diligence.    This Jada person, we do not know who she is.   This is her first race.    Who is she?  She popped up on the scene as a new jack.    So, we had to explore D2s new face that every non-Black person is endorsing and calling her our savior.    Do you feel what we feel?   

Despite the glowing Express-News endorsement, we found they did not do our community any justice.  Jada has a long list of legal problems from eviction, to bad judgements against her, to writing bad checks.  Yes, people go through things but not actively and not repeatedly.  We have had candidates run in this same race with backgrounds but have shown their growth and that their past does not define them and that is commendable.  Although an active warrant is concerning.  Furthermore, The Express-News endorsing a candidate with an active warrant is further worrisome.  

Active Warrant for D2 Candidate   


 Photo: Public Record

Jada has an active warrant for her request in Hays County.   We found the public record, as the community has been whispering about it.    We reached out to Jada’s campaign in reference to the warrant and all issues presented here and they simply took notes and stated they would give her the message, the SA Observer did not receive a reply from Jada in regards to these public records so we are to assume they stand non contested.  We invited Jada to take part in a Candidate debate and she declined.    At this point, for the Jada supporters, you need to ask her when would she like to process?    Will she process after the police arrest her in a public event?  Will Jada process after possibly winning and being sworn into office?   When is she going to own up to her many indiscretions is what we are asking?
Again, the truth is the candidates are not the same.  For Keith Toney, we have seen the former Councilman in office in 2014 as a result of being vetted and selected by the City Council when Ivy R. Taylor was selected to lead the city as Mayor. We didn’t see any abnormal actions when Toney served and after pulling his background check, nothing is abnormal presently.


 Photo: Public Record
We don’t need to remind you that District 2 has had 5 Councilmembers in 5 years.   In the five years we have seen no continuity of purposes, no continuity of planning.   We have seen the position fulfill personal ambitions and little has been gained by the people.  Say what you want at this point.  It is clear, Jada has a history of problems.  


Let’s close by saying the oldest civil rights organization, the NAACP, had a fire online on Facebook with the San Antonio branch posting a Jada Andrews-Sullivan political advertisement.   We know the NAACP does not endorse candidates and was shocked to see this form of support.   We know Jada’s Campaign manager or treasurer is Lou Miller.   Lou Miller is also the first Vice President to the NAACP San Antonio.   Again, poor judgement was used by the campaign and the lack of experience put the organization in a very compromising position.   While the social media post stayed online for more than 12-hours, the Toney campaign suffered because of the mishap.    As soon as President of the San Antonio NAACP, Dr. Greg Hudspeth, found this to be true, he took immediate action and took the post down as it was put up without his approval or knowledge.  

The problem for District 2 is we cannot give a pass to a new political candidate that put her name down to fill a position without knowing her.   We must check out our own people since the Express-News would like to choose our leaders with no investment in background research.  We will continue to say what is right and that is the truth.  

Will the real Jada please stand-up?


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