Publisher's Note- Please Believe Women


Hi neighbors, I am hoping the weather for the next few weeks is not only rain as the forecast says it will rain until June.  Geesh, that's a lot, especially for us Texans but we remember the hot sun, which makes it easier, before we get to scorching!


How are you community!  We see you out there and enjoy speaking with each and every one of you! Being able to see our neighbors, each week is truly community- and that is hard to find now-a-days.  Many see a lot of in-fighting or disagreements within this run-off election for D2 Council and City Mayor, but one thing I know we all can agree on is our community deserves better.


Last year I gave a word and definition that you liked.  Here is the word:  Two faced.  We have all dealt with those types of people and we still may run into a few more along our way.  These people vow to take care of you and make you feel worthy and then one day their personality just flips and they are on to something new, shiny and bright.  While we are left holding, not even, the short end of the stick, there is no STICK! There never was.  We were duped with all the promises of the world.  Assuming that decent humanity still exists, we put our confidence in the 'promised' leader hyping up our hopes and asking for the Eastside to give him or her more time.


Ron Nirenberg has asked for MORE TIME to deal with Eastside issues and this is Ron's SECOND request to get more time for minority business and job issues.


I don't know about ya'll, but we MUST NOT support those who ask for more time for Blacks.  How much more time does he want?  He just had 2 years and he didn't do what he was supposed to hence why HE ASKED for more time.  Because he knows he did not do what he said he would do during the first two years.


Time is up Ron, blacks don't have time to wait on your white agenda, if you prevail this race, you owe time to the East, the West and the South NOT just the North.


As to the allegations/reports of wife beating, the wife’s letter is pleading with everyone to please stop these allegations- you Ron she is pleading with.  Who are you to tell her what her body has been through in her marriage?   Rumors are flying and Ron’s pushing them out as fast as he can.  Who is ANYONE to tell this woman what her marriage is about?  This lady is a mother, teacher, daughter, friend and wife who is saying BELIEVE ME and the mayor is basically saying- no I don’t your husband beats you and I’m going to use all my money and tell everyone.  What?  Where do they do that at?  Politics is where, that is when all human decency runs for the hills and Ron’s muscles aren’t just ‘for show’ they hit hard- below the belt towards a family of service to this city. 


Remember the feeling neighbors, when that one person who was supposed to help you, LEFT YOU.  That is Ron.   


Do you know what time it is?



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