May 21, 2019

History Shows Nirenberg's Strategy is to Attack and Go Low During Elections even Incorporating Racial and Offensive Name Calling


Mayor Nirenberg's two faced personality and 'mafia' style campaigning continues..


The Mafia doesn't care about what a woman says.  The Mafia cares about its own interest.  Since we have met this strongman, how many people have been smeared by the Nirenberg Mafia?  


How Ron Works

Let's look at how Ron works.  We know directly he smiles in our communities faces and puts no real dollars or time into our community once he walks out of it while combining that with hateful attacks using racial slurs and more. He understands the power of the press. The Mayor's Communication Director, and former Editor for the San Antonio Express News, Bruce Davidson, still has reach and influence over the major news outlets. This influence has smear campaigns being pushed as truth and endorsements to control the voters.   The truth is his best avenue to win will be on personal attacks because his performance results are light weight at best.  The man claims to be a results-oriented person, but his decisions tend end up being lawsuits, failed policy, or "distractions".

Who has Nirenberg assassinated?



Ivy R. Taylor - first Black woman attacked inappropriately by Councilman Nirenberg.   He introduced racial stereotypes to tear at her job performance calling her Yale University graduate, "incompetent".  











Chris Steele - the longest serving union leader and firefighter / first responder was called a thug and vilified in a sanction "Willie Horton" style attack by Mayor Nirenberg.   Despite it all, Steele beats Mayor Nirenberg and City Manager Sheryl Sculley on two of three propositions despite their personal attacks.



Dereck Hillyer - An African American San Antonio firefighter attacked by the City of San Antonio to thwart the community's choice for D2 Councilman appointment.   Hitman Josh Baugh wrote Express News article:  "Retiring San Antonio firefighter's past likely will disqualify him for council seat he seeks".   Surely, Nirenberg was at the center of that attack as Hillyer’s personnel record was leaked.  Then we have current D2 Councilman Art Hall selected from outside District 2 by once again, the Mayor.  It is the hope of the Mayor to have someone in that seat that can be manipulated by himself and 'kept under control'.  Councilman Hall definitely meets that 'challenge' and was chosen as the interim by the Mayor (and city council they say). 




Going forward, Councilman Brockhouse has said numerous times he believes the citizens deserve open door meetings for public viewing.  When too many 'behind the door' or 'basement' deals are made and we see that D2's outcomes of these 'meetings' is crap, the community definitely pushes for qualified meetings to be able to be viewed by the public just as other meetings and council sessions are.


Nirenberg Vs. Ivy

Back in Nirenberg's race against Taylor, he said,  “Instead of insulting people, the mayor should focus on doing her job. Violent crime has shot up during her tenure and she’s been doing nothing about it.”


Now the script has turned - San Antonio is in the top dangerous biggest city in Texas.


So now that the facts (statistics) don't support why any citizen would re-elect the Mayor, he tries to push a #MeToo movement to change the focus of failure.

Greg Brockhouse - Councilman Brockhouse's personal family matters were leaked with the intent of forcing voters to vote against and hate Brockhouse.  Express News publishes "Past domestic violence allegations emerge against mayoral candidate Greg Brockhouse" by Brian Chasnoff.

Mayor Nirenberg's control over the media, prevents statements that work against the Mayor from being published, as Fox does not publish a lot on Trump (you understand what we mean).  In this case, the hypocrisy is women have said to "believe us without question".    Well, what happens when a woman speaks her truth and the media that supports the Mayor chooses not to publish her letter?    

We call this character assassination.  

See the unpublished post below by Annalisa Brockhouse, May 17, 2019 8:56 PM, wife of Councilman Greg Brockhouse:

"Tough day. This is as uncomfortable for me as it might be for you. A news outlet, who has already decided who they want to win the Mayor’s race, ran yet another story about a false allegation regarding a police report from 10 years ago. Not going to spend too much time on baseless political attacks, but since this reporter chose to misquote me and perpetuate lies, here is my FULL and FINAL statement I made in writing to the same media outlet that misquoted me.

“We are supposed to “Believe Women", yet there remains a small group who refuse to believe me. I would never, ever stay in an abusive relationship and I certainly wouldn't keep my kids in an abusive environment. As a teacher I have encountered many situations involving abuse and neglect. Family violence happens every day in San Antonio, but never in my house. We have kids and they see these campaign and media attacks. Shame on the Mayor for perpetuating this lie. I hope no one ever puts his wife through what he has put me through. I have never been a victim before, but Ron Nirenberg has made me feel like one with his constant attacks on my character, my family and my husband. And for the last time, let me be very clear to those that need to hear, read, or see this again. I have NEVER been hurt by my husband, at ANY point in our relationship."

Don’t feel sorry for us though. There are people in our City struggling with real problems, who face real challenges, and who are REAL victims of family violence (both women AND men). 

My husband will work hard to help them, and this is why our family and I love and support him."



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