Bronze Star Saves Another Life on the East Side SA

May 28, 2019

On Saturday, May 25, 2019 at 1:15 pm at Popeyes on East Houston Street and W.W. White Road, the Thomas family ordered a two piece spicy dinner.  "My husband and I sat in our car after getting our food and was laughing and talking while we looked at a man holding up a campaign sign asking people to vote for him.  As we ate, we made the observation that we got a thigh and a drumsticks and we always eat a wing and a breast. We laughed as we were deciding to correct our order.    As I looked over at my husband his head was down and I thought he didn't just pass out on me.  I started to see he was drooling and I yelled outside of my car Call 9-1-1  Call 9-1-1!" said Tammy J. Thomas.


 "There were several people who came to us and called 9-1-1.  I heard the operators asking questions and we need the paramedics.  As Keith Toney was holding up his campaign sign he came over to my car. and I told him my husband is not breathing, look at his face! 


Keith Toney adds, " I noticed he had food in the car and his face appeared to be discolored due to lack of oxygen.    I immediately opened his door and got him out of the car and proceeded to administer the Heimlich maneuver on Mr. Ronald L. Thomas.   Food dislodged from his throat and he was able to breath.  The paramedics arrived shortly thereafter where they took Mr. Thomas for care and further evaluation."   


"The paramedics transported my husband to Baptist Medical Center.  My problem with the whole situation was we were being discriminated like maybe we don't have insurance or not going to get paid.  Councilman Toney intervened on our behalf and spoke up for us. When he did, one of the paramedics said, he Toney was famous.   In fact, when his name was recognized by the paramedic, it changed the overall discussion and they were cooperative.  It shouldn't be that way"   


Mrs. Thomas said, "Money is not an object."  Mrs. Thomas said, "It appears the paramedics were desensitized by telling me to take my husband home or to the hospital myself."   Ironically, Mr Thomas was just released after being admitted for 48 hours for observation which confirmed Mr. Thomas needed to be seen.  


"He was in the danger zone.  Mr. Toney came to the rescue!    If he had not tried the Heimlich maneuver he brought the stuff out of his windpipe which changed the situation.   I'm so grateful!   He wasn't out long enough to cause any brain damage."   



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