May 28, 2019

SAPD East SAFFE, San Antonio Fear-Free Environment, Officers immerse themselves within the East Side Community


In the midst of our busy lives, we sometimes don’t stop to notice the good in the world. We often tend to focus in on the bad. Our community is continually changing and many would say leadership is inconsistent, but this week we want to acknowledge our unsung heroes - The SAPD East SAFFE (San Antonio Fear-Free Environment) Officers.

We all know that community-police relationships are strained across the country, which makes what the SAFFE officers do even more special. You can catch them at your neighborhood association meetings, playing a game of pick-up ball at Lockwood park, attending your Pastor’s anniversary event, or drawing chalk-art and reading books to elementary students.

This team of officers meets our community where we are. They know that connecting with residents means getting out of the patrol car and actually engaging with folks, which is why they spent months raising money for bikes to use while working in our community - they want to show that they are approachable.

We wanted to not only show our gratitude for the SAFFE unit, but to connect our readers with them too. If you’re having an event or meeting and would like for the SAFFE unit to drop by - call 210.207.7566.



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