THE VILLAGE- The Last Word in Voting and Summertime

May 28, 2019

Early voting started yesterday. If you live in the city of San Antonio, you have the final say for the mayor and perhaps your city council representative.  There is a lot of rhetoric about the right candidates for the job.  If you listen to the hype it could be confusing. Here is a simple list to pick your candidate:

1.    Review the track record.

2.    Are they accessible?

3.    Are they visible in the community?

4.    Does their platform align with your priorities?

5.    Is their agenda self-serving or selfish?


Get out and vote and take people with you.  The stakes are high. Take charge of your future and the community’s future.  San Antonio is depending on you!


School is out in a lot of neighborhoods.  Look around your community. If you see children wandering; if you know parents are working and the child may be home alone, offer help.  Spending a couple of hours with a young person can help shape their character. 


Here are ideas for engaging:


1.    They can help with gardening chores.

2.    Invite them to lunch or dinner and have them help you prepare the meal.  It does

       not have to be fancy.  It can be a grilled cheese sandwich and soup or vegetables.

3.    Solicit their help to care for a friendly pet.

4.    Start a book club that meets weekly for an hour to discuss a book of THEIR choice.


Our tax dollars support a wide range of programming through the San Antonio Parks and Recreation Departments.  Classes, teen connection and other summer programs including food are available.  Registration is required for most programs. You can register online at or by dialing 211 from a local phone number.


Villagers, it is up to us to keep our children engaged this summer. 




1.    Get out and vote.

2.    Take someone with you to vote.

3.    Tell your friends and family to vote.

4.    Share the summer resources with someone needing the information.





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