Keith Toney was shy the votes needed to clinch the City Council Seat in D2, won by Jada Andrews... here is a letter from his community, Dellcrest.  See letter below..




I am very sorry how the Run-off results turnout, you worked very hard in the campaign and

you were the best qualified candidate in District 2.


Perhaps, if the Candidate that won turns out that she is disqualified for whatever reason, the

City Council will appoint you to replace her.


We have a divided city between the Special Interest Corporations and the Residential Stakeholders who are the primary funders of our city; who continue to be un-represented by the Mayor and the special interest who get the abatements and the impact fees waived as well.


The Residential Stakeholders are not getting Infrastructure Street repairs, Drainage, sidewalks, alleys, Channels, and right-away maintenance issues addressed. Never mind the health problems as the result!


And yet, residential stakeholders are having to pay more property tax than ever before, based on false appraisal values on their 50 year old plus homes as “Market Value.” There is no Market Value on old homes!!!


We continue to have to pay Parking Fees on Public City Owned Streets and Parking Lots. And yes, we are getting screwed over and over again each and everyday.


Our so-called Councilmembers have to go through the City Manager for any issues and through the Mayor, to get any items for considerations on the agendas. 


The Dellcrest Community spoke-up in the way they voted, because they were well informed!


Perhaps, the public media will begin to focus on the residential stakeholders as they should.


- Dan Martinez, Dellcrest HOA







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