The Kahwi Syndrome

June 18, 2019




To no surprise KAHWI LEONARD met my expectations, he discombobulated his haters and I think he even hushed a few crying babies during his six game stretch against Steph and the Warriors. This column is dedicated to the state of the community in regards to the advancement of Black and Brown Men. 


In essence, it’s for the Culture. Welcome back reader! 


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​Face it the San Antonio Spurs franchise took a major loss with the trade deal of Mr. Kahwi Leonard. Here are my sentiments during this long and drawn out fall out between this player, this city and this franchise. (Response to an article written by Mariah Medina of KSAT 12; 'Uncle Dennis' reveals why Kawhi Leonard left the Spurs)

In so many words they didn’t trust him. Of course some of you know my sentiments about why Kawhi had to Move on I Attributed much of his separation to the local attitude embedded in the culture that wedges young black men in between subservience and success. That’s a horrible trade. Losing a champion because you couldn’t command him shows what I have deemed as a lack of cultural competence, as I’ve said before in the process you lost Danny Green, and Tony Parker in the mist of your Cultural clash and social flaws. I believe uncle Dennis is keeping it cordial but as the #equiplifecoach I have to put truth to reason. I love this city it’s the 7th largest in our nation and ranked amongst the fastest growing and like God those things I love I chasten not for power or influence but from my lens of social justice/cultural competence/ and emotional intelligence, I do it that we might all have the opportunity to reflect, grow and become stronger. I initially felt like the the city treated Kawhi forcefully, and in that attitude they over looked what he had to offer, they put him in an unhealthy situation, created a very toxic outlook for him and he left here injured in more than one way.  My blessings, healing and love to you brother Kawhi maybe we can have you back to heal you where we hurt you and repaint a mural that envelopes the love we should’ve supported you with instead of the whip we tried to force you with. 

P.S. thanks for not taking that.




This situation speaks to an already visible, now loud (its literal global business) issue that rumbles through the culture of our city. Don’t take it personal, frankly this is something that suffers our global prospectus; it is the treatment of Black and Brown Men. We are simply lucky that Kawhi happened to S.A., it puts us in a dynamic position to speak to the world and it also provides us a relevant space to shine the light on cultural competence and it gives us a fresh look in how to impact change in S.A. as it pertains to the empowerment of Black and Brown Men in our city moving forward.  We had a young Black Super Power with room to grow and further develop, he was fortunate enough to join a reputable franchise THE San Antonio Spurs. (I believe that Mr. Leonard was proud to brandish the Black and Silver) Somehow his everything came into question during a routine disagreement that happens throughout the league all season long. This nature of the beast negotiation standard coupled with the forceful light the fire under your ass tact has caused a wound to this franchise, this city and this player that we all see and feel, all the more, even now. 




Shame on those with the to hell with Kawhi attitude, that championship could’ve easily happened right here in the 210. Uncle Dennis kept it kosher but Auntie Latronda Darnell-Harris isn’t slight of anyone’s feelings when explaining the change that needs to occur in our city for black boys and men. She likens this fall out to the fact that- 


“he’s to Big, he’s to Black and he’s to strong to gel with the dominant culture”


here in our Authentically Equal city. I’ve had someone try their damndest to try to explain to me that when I respond to people namely Hispanic women that I should consider my size, my color and my tone. THIS is a prime example of a cultural competency that needs to be embedded in the way we love in our city. No man or woman should have to consider their physical make up in dialogue, conversations or disagreements, that’s a slight of infringing on a person’s freedom of speech… Is that how we get down? The cultures response to this routine disagreement resulted in bad business that does not reflect on Kawhi’s ability but more so on our cities inability to “get it” when it mattered the most. There is an abrasive thickness in the air, it has lulled us to be estranged from the quality of life that compels us to embrace the world around us. Unhealthy. Kahwi’s opportunity met detriment when the Spurs fan base began to deface his legacy. Don’t get it twisted, the San Antonio Spurs Fan base is a POWER! I find myself thinking about the respect and dignity that Kawhi didn’t take away from this situation and am totally in the know about the respect and dignity that is often rare or non existent for so many Black and Brown Men across our city. If this happened to a Kawhi Leonard, a real life champion who lead his team to an NBA playoff victory an MVP his first year on the squad then pray tell what in the hell do you think is happening to us everyday?! Reader, this is namely a learning curve of competencies, stay with me. During the Raptors championship parade player Van Vleet coupled with Jeremy Castleberry expressed how “its not like this in S.A. huh” going on to share some expletives about Pop, the guy obviously loves Kawhi and wants him to stay and we should’ve too. Listen, I’m not hear to call out Pop or any individual players or Julianna Hawn Holt, I’m just saying things got uncomfortable for all of us, but [think about who was harmed]?! It was Kawhi. He loves the game, how often do you meet such a highly talented meek and humble guy. He gives his all on the court 110%. His quad injury was serious enough for him not to test yet this treatment that black men face by systematic order served its purpose by challenging the harm he endured as a mock up and an unwillingness to play (the whip). I would imagine that anyone’s feelings would be hurt after sustaining an injury and then have to listen to people tell you there’s nothing wrong with you during your recovery. It was a total insult to injury, aggressive and traumatic. San Antonio is Bigger, Better and Stronger than what happened between this team and this player and I’m grateful to focus the lens to a healthy perspective as we bear the zoom of the microscope under national examination. 




Kudos to Kawhi again for knowing what to sit down about (injury) and what to stand up for (himself). What’s with societies issue telling us when to, kneel, stand, or sit it’s sickening. Focus on the harm done in all the reasons people across our nation kneel, stand up or sit-in. Speaking of harm this was a tough stretch for the Warriors, Steph Curry (mild foot sprain), DeMarcus Cousins (torn left quad), Steph (dislocated finger), KD (right calf strain), Andre Iguodala (mild hamstring injury) Kevon Looney (sprained then fractured collar bone) Klay Thompson (hamstring strain) KD (TORN ACHILLES!) Klay Thompson (TORN ACL!). That’s a lot of pain and for some of these guys the game may never be the same again. These things must be taken into consideration regarding their futures and their flexibility to sign moving forward. Seeing a person get hurt is always an ugly sight. It causes a deep cringe, S.A. didn’t take moment enough to cringe about Kawhi’s pain society barely bats an eye anymore when young black men are shot dead in fact they rush to deface his life and justify his end. This is a harmful reality, this is crippling to cultural competency and opposite of emotional intelligence and S.A. can use this example to combat these social norms that leave Black and Brown men detached, dead or disenfranchised. What would all this be if my truth, our truth Black Men, Brown Men didn’t impact our city for a better tomorrow? The truth is, is that our culture still struggles with the Humanity of the Black Man. There is an echo and it reverberates from the narrative of so many young black men who aspire escapism and are finding ways to check out everyday. I clearly remember meeting the Ice Man George Gervin and having a conversation with him about this case of fleeting black talent in San Antonio. He was so sincere about seeing young people succeed and expressed our cities need for them to use their degrees here when they graduate. I’d like to hear how he feels about what happened to Kahwi. 




Are our opportunities more likely to meet demise than our super powers? Why is our pain ( we do hurt you know) flash judged as aggression and toxicity when often times in opportunistic scenarios we are more likely the victims of these traits and not the perpetrators. Listen, S.A. don’t fret, don’t frown or grimace because we have the power to heal these narratives. No ifs and or buts about it. Kahwi Leonard kicked ass ; for Canada of all places. Whether you liked it or not, whether you like Kawhi or not our city took a major hit in the likes of our culture. Kawhi had nothing to prove but I believe a critical point was established in regards to some deep rooted issues that have gone ignored in society that we have the opportunity to heal from as a city. Can you feel what it’s like When They See Us? In the big picture La Cultura Cura (The Culture Cures) so let us step in the actions of embrace and chance toward our future of a better tomorrow as we grow to realize that we are more alike than we are different. I see Black and Brown men as our turn keys to upcoming principle benefactors. Heck we could use a few 1%’s in the beautiful San Antonio.


Well, that’s all for now, thanks for hanging with me. All of your responses and reactions to this column are much appreciated, The Observer wants to hear from you so don’t hesitate to reach out. I am My Brother’s Keeper.    





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