July 9, 2019


One of the most inspiring moments of the past few months was when Robert F. Smith billionaire investor erased the student debt of the Morehouse College Class of 2019.  What Mr. Smith did changed the lives of those students, their parents, their children and generations to come.  Mr. Smith did not stop there. He started a company called InternX to match intern opportunities with sophomore students and above that are underrepresented with companies that recognize the value of a diverse workplace.

That got me thinking.  There is a Robert Smith in each of us.  There are potential Morehouse College students on our block.  You may be asking, “what do you mean”? We all have something to give that is a value to someone else.  Something as small as a smile or a hug.  It could be a magazine or a book.  Perhaps a ride to the grocery store or a bag of groceries.  The list is as infinite as your imagination.  We just need to stop long enough to smell the roses and pay attention.  

We are created for a purpose.  Paying it forward on purpose motivates us to do whatever is necessary to accomplish our dreams.  You can call it the law of reciprocity, the Golden Rule, Karma or whatever.  Helping others is a part of our purpose.  It does not take money to help others.  It takes time, thought, attention and most of all love for mankind.

Summertime allows us to be consumed with vacations, getting our students ready to return to school, family reunions and summer holidays.  Our challenge is to slow down and find opportunities to pay it forward. Look in the mirror. You are Oprah, you are Robert Smith, you are you.  Pay if forward.  Live purposefully.  Because of you, our village will thrive.  


Find one opportunity to pay it forward and share it on our social media pages.  If each reader pays it forward, our village will be different.

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