July 9, 2019


Celebrating the life and legacy of beloved Community Leader, Carolyn Beverly, who passed after battling an illness last week.  


Celebrating the life of Carolyn Beverly, a beloved women of God who spent her days helping people, uplifting the community, hosting concerts and playing music that made your soul dance!


Carolyn Beverly passed on Saturday, June 29th at home with her loved ones.  She spent the last year in the hospital to only be released and after a week her health had her return.  

In May she was released to go home and she spent her last days with family.  Many people did not know she was battling an illness this bad and that is because she was such a strong woman.  She didn’t want anyone to feel sorry for her or to be counted out.  

She fought until the end and was just as courageous in the journey as she was in life.  Carolyn did not let “No” or “You can’t” or “that’s impossible” stop her.  Anything she put her mind to was accomplished with grace and class.  The news of her passing shocked and hurt many, mainly because she was so encouraging to others, willing to help and willing to sow a seed into your dream. She was the behind the scenes person that made sure things worked and flowed smoothly.  One of her questions often was; “How can I help!?”.   People like Carolyn Beverly are hard to find, and even harder to replace.  They are irreplaceable.  



Carolyn loved people, the community and music! We mean she really loved MUSIC and how it made people connect.  She used music as a way to giveback, uplift and educate.  She was the guru of Old School! She knew about its origin, its history and its effects within the community.  She traveled the world hosting old school concerts and shows along with other spotlighting artists and their work within the industry.  For the past 10 years she brought those talents to the streets of SA; partnering with many great individuals to bring events and opportunities to the city. Nneka Cleaver of Tha1Media Hub said, “I met Carolyn at the radio station over 15 years ago, she hired me to host one of her fabulous old school shows, and from that day on she supported and uplifted all of my endeavors. She hosted an Old School show on Tha1Radio before she got sick but always kept in touch even suggesting I bring my equipment to the hospital so she could do the show from her room.  She was so awesome!”  


Marvin Hurst, Reporter Kens5, shared his sentiments saying, “Carolyn was a beautiful woman inside and out. I will miss her kind voice and lovely face. Of course, some of us know her more intimately. Let’s take this time to pray for her family during this trying time.”


Carolyn hosted several shows at the Carver Community Center, worked as a personality at KROV and Tha1Radio and mentored many in the industry.  She was a true angel on earth and now an angel in heaven.  She will be missed, and we will work hard to carry on her memory and good works.


Carolyn’s viewing and funeral service information is as follows: 



5:00PM - 8:00PM
Friday July 12th, 2019
D.W. Brooks Funeral Home
2950 E Houston St.
San Antonio, Texas 78202


Funeral Service:
Saturday July 13th, 2019
Second Baptist Church
3310 E Commerce St 
San Antonio, Texas 78220



MeadowLawn Cemetery


Officiating: Rev. Jim Richardson



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