July 16, 2019

Enterprise - they'll pick you up and drop you off at a detention center...

                                                        Photo is a parody.

As people continue to brace for Trump’s ICE raids on the migrant community, he has local businesses helping him along the way right here in SA. Local locations in San Antonio- Enterprise Holdings, better known as Enterprise Rental Cars may be a van short for residents of this city to rent due to their aid in leasing Trump vehicles/ Vans to deport our neighbors. 


This was announced last week from the Trump administration.  The pain that families are fearing and the families that are currently being taken apart is a pain that Enterprise will PROFIT off of.  Enterprise will profit of of their rental vans to ICE Agents through the Trump Administration plan.  


We all know how to make someone listen a little more closely and that’s with our dollars.  

Will Enterprise be on City Council’s list to review as a rental car company of the airport? No matter the type of partnership, surely the City of San Antonio does not support Enterprise’s decision to support Trump in these migrant raids.  Remember, the City denied to bid on the 2020 RNC.  


Chick-fil-A may be old news to you but it’s now history as we move forward in city politics.  A precedent was set that sent a message (a real one with a ripped up contract) to Chick-Fil-A to get out of the airport since you support organizations whom do not donate to LGBTQ organizations or donate ‘against them’.  This holds no water, not a drop.  Catholics give to Catholic charities, Muslims give to Muslim charities, Heart survivors give to Heart Health charities and they give to some of the same organizations that Chick-Fil-A does.  The hypocrisy is loud.  


Will Enterprise rent their vehicles or continue to rent their vehicles to support Trump raids while profiting off of raiding migrant families?  Will the City of San Antonio allow city partnerships to continue with Enterprise Holdings, LLC due to their raid support? San Antonio Enterprise employee, who for obvious reasons wishes to remain anonymous, told the SA Observer, “It’s all about money, not anything else.  They don’t care they just see dollar signs.  We will see if they are insensitive enough to do this.” 


Let enterprise know enough is enough.  Call your city leadership to voice concerns of Enterprise renting vehicles to help the Trump Administration carry out unconstitutional raids!  Or you may email us with your concerns at 


How else can you help? Color of Change has began a petition to VP Sal Hernandez and Enterprise Holdings to:

Stop Profiting from Trump's Raids on Migrants!


Sign the petition today HERE.



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