The Ignorance We Must Live With



We live in changing times. Today, all of the heroes and great thinkers are being revealed as individuals that ruined civilization with hatred. One must understand the nature of settler colonialism which was used to murder Native Americans. When the English stole land from the Irish and others, settlers were forced to come to America with the promise of land. Their hunger for food and land made them easy targets, to be used as rampaging racist settlers, murdering Native American men, women, and children. The settlers that came to America were hell bent on destroying Native American people and replacing them with black slaves. Scalps of native people were removed early on by these white racist settlers and sold across the country—this is where the phrase “red Skin” comes from—the dripping blood from a scalp. History ignores the genocide that took place and even glorifies murderers like Christopher Columbus. Names like the “District of Columbia,” “Columbia University,” and “Columbia Pictures” honors this psychopath. White supremacy was attached at the hip to the American settler as they used God as a justification for murder (Manifest Destiny), and the enslavement of blacks.


Both whites, blacks, and others are taught that “race” is a genuine phenomenon, but “whites” were something else before they were dumped into an invented racial category. “White people” were Irish, German, Italian, French, Saxon, and others before so-called Enlightenment thinkers constructed racial categorical arrangements, in part to collapse religious hatreds in Europe and America in favor of an all white designation and to unite settlers in one fixed goal—murder Indigenous People and enslave Africans. Racial inventions were also created for the Native Americans (Indians as they were falsely labeled). These so-called Indians were once Apache, Comanche, Kickapoo, Sioux, Cheyenne, Winnebago, and others before they were put in a racial box. Blacks were once Zulu, Shona, Xhosa, Mende, Bantu, and others before they were labeled “black” by slave traders.  Racism is undeniably a cancer that has yet to be eradicated. We must discontinue completely our use of the term “race” and begin discussion about ethnic identity, cultural assimilation, and skin color.


Almost all of those that we are supposed to distinguish as heroes, or great men, in our present educational system, have been tainted with the ideas of racism and intolerance; Mark Twain, Plato, Kant, Jack London, Richard Wagner, and others furthered the aims of injustice, genocide, ethnocide, and helped to ruin the world with their “intellectual” and flowery literatureand classical plays that provided a mask for their narrow-mindedness. The “Ring Cycle” by Wagner, was saluted by Hitler, and we know from historical documents that Wagner was racist and anti-Semitic. These men were no more civilized than the lowest “barbarian.” Maybe they just had better clothes and lots of wealth. In learning about

the Enlightenment, we are never introduced as to how such learned men (women were mostly excluded, i.e., Madame Émilie Du Châtelet proved Isaac Newton’s mathematics incorrect) could be so hateful. 


 It was during the Enlightenment that “scientific racism” was born.  The whole of the Western world learned from men in academic and social settings from those who helped to ruin the world with the ideology of white supremacy and class oppression. In the world of today, one must be wary of unscrupulous websites such as “Prager University,” which is not a university at all, but according to most credible sources is a conservative propaganda website. There are others, mostly conservative sources. We have indeed been manipulated by a false history of how we came to be as individuals and as a nationwith racism playing a leading role. 



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