Stop endorsing political candidates, PLEASE

July 23, 2019

A letter from a lifelong Dellcrest Resident to the Express- News: 











Dear Express-News Publisher, CEO, Editor and Editorial Page Editor;


It seems to me your small group of men who have Political Candidates come before you to be interviewed and secure your endorsement, is really not what your subscribers need or want.


Do you think the voters are uninformed and need your guidance to vote in their own City Council District?


Does it make it you feel important and superior to have candidates to come before you only to be judged by your superior minds (small) who don’t have any idea of what the issues are in any one council district?


Your recent endorsement of a Council District 2 candidate speaks volumes of how uninformed you really are! Will you issue a public apology? 


Perhaps you don’t really decide who you should endorse until those who pull your strings tell you who to endorse!


Do yourselves a favor and stop endorsing candidates, please!


Dan Martinez

(Soon to be an Ex-subscriber of your newspaper

when my re-subscriptions comes up)


 Photo: FB





Observer Staff


Since this email was sent to the Express-News, Dellcrest lifelong Resident Dan Martinez' Express-News subscription was cancelled ahead of his direction with no refund in site.  News is your right, and a paywall should not be used to silence any reader of any publications voice!


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