July 23, 2019



Can you believe summer is almost over?  In about a month our children will return to school! Villagers, this means ACTION. Many families are dreading the return of school because of the expenses involved preparing their children.  You know your neighbors. You know the families that are in need.  If you cannot help them, share resources that can provide assistance.  Communities in Schools is partnering with organizations all over the city to distribute backpacks filled with school supplies.  Go to for more information.  Tha1 Media is collecting and distributing filled backpacks.  My church, True Vision is collecting and distributing filled backpacks to name a few. Let’s make sure our children are set up for success as they kick off a new school year.


Since school is starting soon, there could be greater opportunities to shift focus from watching out for our village holistically because we are buried in the details of school. The families that do not have school age children, we need you to be extra vigilant in the village.  Pay attention to the news, especially when it directly affects us.  Also, notice what the news is not telling you. For instance, did you know their is not a District 2 representative on ANY board or commission that controls a large sum of money.  Where is our Tax Incentive Revitalization Zone (TIRZ) representative. I mentioned in this column a few months ago, the D2 TIRZ is worth over 1.5 million dollars.  We are so busy focused on who is on the MLK Commission for example, that we are allowing our village to be taken because our attention is not on preserving our land other valuable resources. 


I had the pleasure to spend a few days in Karamoja, Uganda.  (Think Black Panther General Okoye and the white rhinoceros.)  One of the interesting things about the villages? The village fences are built on a steep inward slant. At first I thought the fences were falling in but I noticed every village was surrounded with the inward slanted fences. I asked why? The answer was astounding! The fences are built at that angle so if an intruder climbs in the compound without  notice, the intruder will not be able to climb out. We need villagers that will be that inward slanted fence so when villagers are distracted, someone is making sure the invader will not be able to escape. Some us have STAY WOKE!




1. Help an organization with their back to school backpack/school supplies drive.

2. Share back to school resources with someone in need.

3. Identify or volunteer to be the village’s slanted fence.  

4. Attend the monthly Power Breakfast to stay connected the last Tuesday of each

    month at 7:30 AM. The breakfast is at Tony G’s Soul Food.


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