July 30, 2019

Lawsuit filed against District 2 Councilwoman, Jada Andrews-Sullivan 


Former and nationally recognized Civil Rights Attorney James Myart, Jr. has filed a lawsuit against current District 2 City Councilwoman Jada Andrews-Sullivan, aka Jada King, aka Jada Hunt, aka Jada L. Smith, aka Jada Andrews Hunt, aka Jada Lanise King, aka Jada L. Andrews.

The lawsuit (2019-CI-14934) filed in the 73rd Judicial Court, alleges that Andrews-Sullivan does not reside at 442 Hub, which she registered with the City Clerk. Mr. Myart asserts that at the time of registering as a candidate, Jada Andrews-Sullivan’s actual residence was 7999 Potranco, Apt. 1502. “According to the city charter a candidate must live in the district they seek for at least 6 months prior to being elected and during the full term of 2 years”. Mr. Myart further states, “Ms. Andrews-Sullivan is also in violation of the City of San Antonio’s ethics rules by hiring her alleged paramour Eartis Eaglin III and paying him $50k per year. That is in direct violation of the city’s nepotism policy”.

Visiting Judge Johnny Gabriel set an unusual injunction hearing for September 9, 2019, to determine whether or not she should remain in office and whether or not her legal abode is within District 2. Ms. Sullivan, at this time according to Mr. Myart, will have to prove her residence within District 2.

It is worth noting that Mayor Ron Nirenberg, City Manager Eric Walsh, and City Clerk Leticia Vacek are also named in the suit. “It’s important to name the city in this lawsuit because they are responsible for certifying her candidacy”.

“I’m dead serious about this lawsuit. And I will only consider dropping it if Councilwoman Jada Andrews-Sullivan fires her Chief-of-Staff Lou Miller. Lou Miller is a political has-been who was kicked out of city government by then Mayor Ivy Taylor for double dealing over the contentious police contract ( He’s double dealing on her (Andrews-Sullivan) with the white developers. Lou Miller has no business as Chief-of-Staff for District 2 and no business whatsoever in city government. Lou Miller is for himself and NOT for the people of District 2.”

Mr. Myart is a highly respected lifelong resident of District 2. His lawsuit comes in the wake of several other public accusations against the controversial Councilwoman. Two weeks ago Sylvia Lopez, a veteran canvasser of 30 years accused the Andrews-Sullivan campaign of stiffing her of over $4200 for services rendered. Chief-of-Staff Lou Miller claimed publicly that it was a case of forgery. Whatever the details, this drama appears to be headed to court on several fronts.

This story is developing and we will do our best to keep you informed.


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