Thank you for a great 110th National Convention. 


Deborah Omowale at the 110th National NAACP Convention held in Detroit last week, Photo: FB 



Our work in Detroit will fuel our advocacy agenda for the year to come, and we couldn’t have done it without the support of activists like you.

Not only did the power you have command the attention of 10 presidential candidates, your voice—your platform—commanded the attention of the country when you raised to the national spotlight issues that affect the Black community.


In a unanimous vote, NAACP made history when we called for the impeachment of President Trump for his egregious actions against our democracy and against people of color – the first time we’ve ever called for the impeachment of a President. But our activism didn’t stop there – we took several stances to support the most vulnerable people in our communities.

We took a stand for transgender women, calling for an end to the senseless violence and murders against them.

We took a stand for Black expectant mothers, calling for an end to discriminatory medical practices that lead to high maternal death rates among Black women.

And we took a stand for our students, calling for an aggressive plan to increase Pell Grants and other programs to help people afford higher education.


Again, I want to thank you for the contributions you made to this year’s convention. Every event attended, every minute volunteered, every question submitted and every donation made went towards ensuring we build a reputable platform for the next generation of activists to stand on, and a strategy to go home and mobilize people in our community.


We have a tough fight ahead of us. But we know that no matter how arduous it may seem, victory will be ours because when we fight, we win.

Let’s get to work.

Derrick Johnson
President and CEO




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