"What Men Can Learn From Feminism"

Feminism has a different connotation when it comes to men. They tend to get somewhat of a pass in a way that our female counterparts do not.



Men are glorified for feminism. Women are vilified for feminism. Men who call themselves feminists are called heroes and thoughtful leaders. Women who call themselves feminists are called man-haters and aggressive troublemakers.


Since when did it become such a bad thing believing in equality for men and women?


Feminism can teach more about being a man than masculinity ever could or ever has. Society's definition of masculinity is so stifling and limiting compared to the liberation I find in feminism.


According to society's definition of masculinity, there is no room for emotion. Men are taught to be tough. Men are taught to hide their emotions which inevitably teaches them how to be deceivers. By merely uttering the term "boys will be boys," it inadvertently giving them permission to choose to not play by the rules. Men are taught to believe their hormones override their critical thinking. So long as they can maintain an erection and get laid every chance they are given, maintaining this façade of fraudulent humanity, they can call ourselves men.


Feminism allows men to be human. By actively thinking and engaging in their role in the concoction of gender inequality, new and innovative ways can be found to express oneself that is not dangerous and harmful to women. If men expressed their emotions naturally, there'd be no repressed feelings leading to bouts of aggression and violence that are palpable in our society, from pornography to popular culture.


If men worked hard and put forth the effort and a fair shot in everything they do, work ethic would be viewed in a different light. Women wouldn't have to be told to try harder and constantly hit their head on many glass ceilings.


There is no harm for men to consider being a feminist. Don't think of it as a chore or as an occupation. Rather embrace it as a means of humanity. A means of enhancing one’s masculinity in ways unheard of in our society.


Watch that romantic comedy. Listen to that Lauryn Hill and Cree Summer song. Read that bell hooks and Audre Lorde book. Have men hold their male friends accountable when they cat call or slut shame a woman.


Being a feminist isn’t about being less of a man, but more of a human.




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