Trump’s Racism is Undeniably a Cancer

August 6, 2019



Racism is the result of a long history of lies. Both whites, blacks, and others are taught that “race” is a genuine fact. However, “whites” were something else before they were dumped into an invented racial group. “White people” were Irish, German, Italian, French, Saxon, and others before so-called Enlightenment thinkers invented a false racial arrangement. Racial inventions were also created for the “others.” Native Americans (Indians as they were falsely labeled) were once Apache, Comanche, Kickapoo, Sioux, Cheyenne, Winnebago, and others before they were put in a racial box. Blacks were once Zulu, Shona, Xhosa, Mende, Bantu, and others before they were labeled “black” by slave traders.  


Racism is undeniably a cancer that has yet to be eradicated. We must discontinue completely our use of the term “race.” Racial border lines are an invented social creation that has poisoned mankind for hundreds of years, and once invented has serious consequences. Claiming to be “color blind” does nothing to address this real problem. Color blind racism is but denial of a real problem. White supremacy, and any kind of “racial” supremacy, is a sickness that is at work in this historic period, but it will not gain the foothold that it seeks. There are too many whites that are anti-racist for the extremists to get much accomplished even with their cartoon hero Trump. The arc of history has proven to be against hatred as long as people oppose it.


Real history reveals that many historic figures were racist. It fact, almost all of those that we are supposed to distinguish as heroes, both liberal and conservative, in our present educational system, have been tainted with the ideas of racism; Mark Twain, Plato, Kant, Jack London, and others furthered the aims of injustice, and helped to ruin the world with their “intellectual” and flowery literature that provided a mask for their narrow-mindedness.  In learning about the Enlightenment we are never introduced as to how such learned men could be so hateful of Native Americans, blacks, the Irish, poor whites, women, and others. 


Trump and others were brainwashed with this dirty water. The whole of the Western world learned from those who helped to ruin the world with the ideology of white supremacy and class oppression. In the world of today, one must be wary of unscrupulous web references such as “Prager University,” which is not a university at all, but according to most credible sources is a conservative propaganda website. We have indeed been manipulated by a false political history of how we came to be as a nation with racism playing a leading role. People’s minds have been washed in the dirty water of racial supremacist ideology.


One need only look at the number of mass shootings that have been generated by Trump’s rallying call to white supremacists. Those with extreme racist views feel empowered by the words of Trump. This president must resign, be defeated, or be removed from office. What extremist actors, both on the right and the left, fail to see is that individual acts of terrorism will get them nothing for their foul deeds. Millions oppose them and mass action will stop them. Mass shooters have been killed by police, executed, or imprisoned for many years. Thanks to Trump the number of white supremacist groups has increased. Ultimately, white supremacy is doomed and will not survive the moral arc of history as people will organize and protest against them. History will show that the end result of acts of hatred will end with no one remembering their names as they will be forgotten or registered as criminals as if they were never even here.

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