August 13, 2019

The number of Americans on some form of government assistance is extremely high. Is it right for the government to step in and lend a hand, or does it make the problem worse?




My ex-wife complained about Obamacare and how awful government provided health care would be. She is on Medicaid. Our son asked her one day, “But Mom, you like your healthcare, don’t you?”


“Oh yes. It’s the best I’ve ever had.”


“Mom, people sucking the government tit don’t get to complain when someone else wants a little nipple, too.”


Lots of people complain about others receiving benefits while receiving benefits themselves. There is always the same excuse, which is, “but I deserve these benefits.” Whether it is food stamps, disability, Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security, military retirement, TriCare, the answer is always the same. “I deserve this.” Well, everybody getting benefits think they deserve them. I don’t know who deserves what. 


I know that I don’t happen to care if I pay an extra 35 cents a week so some kid doesn’t have to go to bed hungry. I don’t want kids to go to bed hungry. I don’t want anyone deciding how much of their medicine they can afford this month. I don’t want someone dying because they couldn’t afford their insulin. I don’t even care if some small percentage of people milk the system or even commit fraud. It can’t begin to compare to the amount of waste the government permits legally.


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