Hello to all my SAISD parents,


My name is Lena Lopez, and I'll be here to guide you through this new school year 2019-2020. I am a parent that has been dealing with SAISD for over twenty years and understand that at times, it can become frustrating. So, no worries that's why I'll be here this year to help guide you to the right person or information so that you can have a less frustrating school year. I am a firm believer

that parents have a right to be involved in their child's education. It's important to know who their teachers are and understand what they're learning in their classroom. We also have a right to know what going on at our child school campus because that can affect our child's education as well. To make this school year a little easier, let's go over some of the ways we can monitor our child's education.


The first thing I suggest is to download the SAISD app that will help you monitor your child's schedule, grades, and school records. The app also allows you to set up

automatic notifications for grades below 70 in all classes. I have been using this app

since it came out, and it has been an excellent tool for communicating with both my child and their teachers. The key to any successful school year is communication with both the school staff and teachers.


If you're looking to volunteer, please log on to the App Garden through the SAISD website. The process is straightforward, and it only takes a few days for you to be notified after your approved you can start looking for ways to volunteer. I find that volunteering on

your child's campus is a great way to become familiar with teacher and staff members. If you consider what your child's breakfast or lunch menu is SAISD has an app for that as well.



Now for parents that have Special ed or 504 students, then there are other resources for your child. If you have any questions about your child IEP, call your school counselor and ask for another meeting to go over the paperwork. The other option if you're not getting the answer you need is to call SAISD special education department at (210) 225-2406 and ask to speak to the person that represents your school. Then if you're looking for answers for about your 504 student call SAISD 504 department at this number 210-554-2570 and ask to speak to the person that oversees your school, the last resource is Region 20, which offers services to all parents.


If you to ask any questions about learning disabled children Region, 20 has staff in the afternoon to answer a question at 210-370-5200. Also, know that Region 20 has a website that allows all parents to register for free events that help parents with their child's education. All of these resources are ways to not only help you, but it also makes the school accountable for your child's education.


I hope that these resources will help you start this school year off a little easier than last years. Please know that SAISD needs to be held accountable for their actions just as parents are held responsible for all that we do for our children. I look forward to helping parents this school year and know that every new article will go over what SAISD should be doing for all of our children. 


Next week I’ll be writing about why SAISD failed to protect our Sam Houston High School students when their A/C went out in their classrooms. The more significant question is why on the same day Fox Tech students were moved to the SAISD Alamo Convocation when their A/C went out. It seems SAISD has forgotten that our Eastside students are a part of their district, which means that our students and teacher should have been moved to a location like Fox Tech. So, Sam Houston Parents we need to call SAISD at 210-554-2200 and ask why our children and teacher’s had to suffer in classrooms that were over 80 degrees with only a box fan. I need all my Sam Houston Parents to Rise up and call SAISD this week. 


If you have any issues, questions, or concerns or maybe just need some information please send us a message at or you may call us at 210.212.NEWS (6397).






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