The NAACP will always stand against hate and any persons who threaten the moral right of our community.”


 Charlottesville, Photo: NAACP


That’s what I said just hours after Charlottesville was besieged by white supremacists in a blatant and disgusting display of racism, intolerance, and bigotry. It was true then. And it’s true today.


As we mark the two-year anniversary of the tragedy in Charlottesville, the NAACP remains immovable in the fight against discrimination, prejudice, and hatred.

We, of course, will forever remember those who were affected by the terrible violence that day. But we can – and we must – do more than remember.

We must use this memory as motivation to stand together and declare in one powerful voice that we will do everything we can to vote hate out of our government.


The Trump administration has given permission and a platform for racists and bigots, like those who marched in Charlottesville, to thrive and spread violence.

They are no longer in hoods, or otherwise hiding their identity. They are out in the open and they are more dangerous than ever.

We must stand strong and fight back. We must organize and resist. We must make sure that those who tolerate, promote, and incite violence and hate have no place in Congress, in courthouses or in our communities.


Fighting forward,

Derrick Johnson
President and CEO


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