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As promised, I am back to give you an update on the air conditioning being out at Sam Houston High school last week. When I called the school and district to ask why our children and teachers weren't moved, they had no comment. I was then referred back to our campus principal but wasn't able to make contact with Dr. Diop. The week before school started the school was going to do a meet the "Hurricanes" event which would have allowed all parents to meet the new staff and teachers. This event was canceled due to the construction. As of today we are still waiting to see when Dr. Diop will reschedule this event. 


If you need to contact the school or schedule a meeting with our Principal, Dr. Diop, please call 210-978-7900 and leave a message. Today Sam Houston has A/C, but our children, teachers, and staff are working around the construction at the school. Also at this time, our cafeteria is being renovated, so all meals for Sam Houston students are being prepared at the W.W. White Freshman Campus and then brought over to our students. I want parents to know that communication is key while our schools are under construction because this could affect our child's education.


Now let's go over how you should contact your school if you're having any issues. First, complaints or concerns can be addressed by a phone call or a conference with the teacher, counselor, or staff member. If you’d rather have a conference or meeting, then that can be arranged, and there will be ground rules in place. If your concerns still remain unresolved after speaking to the teacher or staff members, then your next step is to contact the principal within (15) days from the first phone call or meeting. If you're still not satisfied, then call the Family Engagement Center at

210-554-221 this must be done within (10) district working days from your last meeting or call with the principal. The other option is to write a letter and deliver it in person or send it by certified mail with a return receipt to ensure you made contact within those (10) district working days. The address of the SAISD Pickett Family Center is at 1931 E. Houston St., San Antonio, TX 78202. 


The next step is the Director of the Parent and Family Engagement Department or designee, will attempt to resolve the complaint before a formal conference with the parent or student. However, if an official meeting between the Director and the parent or student is necessary, either before or during the conference, the parent or student shall submit a written complaint to the Director. This written complaint must explain the complaint, any evidence in its support, the solution sought, and the date of the conference with the principal, and the signature of the person presenting the complaint. If the parent or student remains dissatisfied with the decision, he/she may request a conference with the Superintendent/designee within (10) District workdays following receipt of a response from the Director or if no response is received within ten days of the response deadline( SAISD Parent/Student Handbook pg 24-26).  Although this is a long, complicated process, all parents must make contact with their school when you have a concern because we need to make sure all schools are held accountable.


 Lastly, this year, as most of you know, Sam Houston closed their cosmetology program. So if you're a parent that had a child in this program, you can call the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation Cosmetology at 1-800-803-9202 to ask about what your students next steps should be at this point. 


    I hope that all of this information is useful for all of my SAISD parents. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at






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