Slavery, Racists, and Religious Fanatics

August 27, 2019

Not everyone supported slavery even in ancient times. There were great slave revolts in the ancient world even though slavery was the dominant institution for thousands of years. This is important because false arguments are often made that contend that everyone believed in slavery during these periods of barbaric humanity. This is fundamentally untrue as millions opposed slavery throughout the ages. Other arguments floated around include simply dismissing the horrors of slavery on account of slave labor being needed by settlers to build a racist

society. These argument skip over the inhumanity created for esurient gain and the societies in which the inheritance of slavery still exists today in obvious ways. 


We have been left to believe that slaves were happy and enjoyed being treated worse than animals. It is important to note that statues of Robert E. Lee and other confederates are being removed across the country. The historical record shows that Lee beat or ordered his own slaves to be beaten. There is also documentation that tells of a slave named Wesley Norris. Norris was tortured on orders from Lee as he ordered salt to be poured on wounds after a beating. Lee perpetuated slavery, and allowed his soldiers to abduct free blacks and runaways and sell them into bondage.  There is evidence to show that Lee was a religious fanatic (reporter interview in New York Herald Newspaper) as he insisted that terrors against slaves took place because of the “Christian love” the South had for blacks. Lee was surely a religious fanatic and not the “noble” great general it was mouthed into by fake southern historians. Religious fanatics and right wing Christians are still at work when they support the racist actions of a racist president.


Lee once said that, “The negroes have neither the intelligence nor the other qualifications which are necessary to make them safe depositories of political power.”   Lee’s commitment to white supremacy was greater than his love of United States. Consequently, the Civil War would result in the death of over 600,000 principally because of the fanaticism of white supremacy and its leaders. Poor whites would die for wealthy plantation owners many of them thinking that this rotten cause was their own. Eventually, many poor whites would recognize that the wealthy did not want to fight.  The wealthy received deferments so that they would not have to die on the battlefields. Thousands of poor white deserted the Confederacy and in some cases ambushed confederate forces across the South. 


Lee advanced his ridiculous arguments for slavery by using fake science. Before Civil War, Thomas Jefferson borrowed his racist beliefs from fake science created by Carl Linnaeus and Johann Blumenbach. Jefferson once said in 1785, “I advance it therefore as a suspicion only, that the blacks, whether originally a distinct race, or made distinct by time and circumstances, are inferior to the whites in the endowments both of body and mind.” These words ruined the minds of millions as Jefferson disgraced the halls of civilization. Robert E. Lee was no better having copied the words of a previous bigot. 


When these historical facts are ignored, the horrors of slavery can be collapsed into hero worship and falsifications about a southern heritage that praises pro-slavery soldiers with confederate flags and monuments. Eventually, all of the truth about slavery will emerge and the ideas of those that attempt to ignore it will turn into historical rubbish. Real history is being taught by honest historians across the country in a trend that has become irreversible. “New history” is being taught everywhere and will replace southern heritage lies with real southern history.



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