Progress Reports and Coffee with the Principal are next up this week

September 3, 2019

Hello SAISD Parents,



As we enter into our 4th week of school, it's almost time for progress reports. So, check your child's folders or backpacks. We must look over our children's grades because if there's an issue, we need to communicate with the teachers. When progress reports go out, it's our opportunity to see if our children are doing well or if they need to make-up grades. I want to say that not all teachers will allow make-up work, but some will enable extra credit; this all depends on the class as well. 


Then in today's classrooms, technology plays a crucial role in our child's education, such as google classroom, schoology, and other online programs. Parents please know that you have the right to ask the teacher or school for your child's login information. I encourage all parents to get involved and look at what your child is learning in all their classes. I know it can be hard to make time between working, raising our children, and trying to take care of ourselves. We too must remember that we play a crucial role in our children’s futures. 


Which brings me to another issue as we all know our schools have "Coffee with the Principal's" which can be an event that some parents are unable to attend. I would like to hear from parents about what time would work better for everyone because these meetings allow us to ask questions. I think that as parents we should be able to speak up and find a time that works for everyone. When we have other meetings around six o'clock, we incur the problem of too many parents asking a question all at once. This can also be an issue because we don't all get to ask  questions that affect our children’s education. In my opinion, maybe we could have a later meeting with only perhaps certain grade levels or topics such as STARR'S testing. This is just one idea that I have, but it's hard to find the perfect solution unless we all come up with a better way to communicate with our Principals. 


So, this week I would like to hear from our parents. I want you to tell me what time would work better for these meetings, or would you rather have a topic meeting that only addresses specific issues.


Please let me know what you think will help us become more informed parents. Email us at or give us a call at 210.212.NEWS (6397).




















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