September 3, 2019


A week ago today, the District 2 Alamo Colleges Trustee seat vacated by Denver McClendon went to Jose A. Macias Jr. as an interim replacement.  Also vying for that seat was long time District 2 resident and Alamo Colleges supporter, Gloria Pryor Ray among others.  Ms. Ray was nominated by the board but did not get the necessary five votes from the seated trustees to win.  Mr. Macias will enter the May 2020 election as the incumbent making it easier to win on a full ballot.  Uneducated voters will vote for the incumbent unless the incumbent has done a newsworthy horrible job.  Why is this important? The Alamo College District’s Black student enrollment is 8%. The number of Black student enrollment is third with Hispanic student enrollment the highest followed by white students.  Although Black students are third, there is no longer Black representation on the Alamo College Trustee Board. 


Additionally, B. Ross Mitchell, the lone Black procurement officer at Alamo Colleges is no longer there.  Mr. Mitchell helped ensure Black businesses had an opportunity to do business with Alamo Colleges.  From construction to computers and everything in between, Black businesses were horribly underrepresented prior to Mr. Mitchell’s arrival. The Alamo College District spent less than 1% of their overall spending budget with Black businesses. Now, there is no Black representation ensuring our students and staff members get a fair shot.  There is also no Black representation ensuring our tax dollars (Alamo Colleges revenue source) are spent with Black businesses.


I know we just got out of a contentious election cycle but we need to go full steam ahead for 2020.  First, we need to register to vote.  Next we need to be educated voters.  We will no longer to be able to vote straight party tickets so it is imperative we know our candidates. There will be information in this publication and others to make sure you are educated.  Third, we need to vote and last, we need to take other people with us when we vote.


There are some things we can do right now to become informed and to inform others.  Before I give you this issue’s call to action, I have a few more exciting things to share happening in our community:


The San Antonio African American Community Archive and Museum is hosting a FREE open house, 430 N. Cherry St., 78202 Saturday, September 28 from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM.


The inaugural San Antonio Black International Film Festival is October 10-13, 2019.  A number of the events and screenings are free.  For more information see,


The Dignowity Hill Association is hosting their Annual Jazz on the Hill Saturday, October 12 at Fairchild Park, 1214 E. Crockett.  


Mark your calendars for these events.




1. Host a watch party for the Democratic Presidential Debate, September 12-13, 2019. Invite your family, friends and neighbors over to watch the debate and discuss the outcomes.  Our village children need to see us socially and politically engaged.


2. Bring someone with you to the monthly Power Breakfast, the last Tuesday of the month at 7:30 AM at Tony G’s Soul Food Restaurant. The breakfast is hosted by District 120 State Representative Barbara Gervin-Hawkins. There is always good information about what is going on politically in the village and there are great opportunities for networking.  




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