September 10, 2019

Hello SAISD Parents, 



Today I would like to address the parents that answered the question of what time would be better to have a Principal's coffee. I think that the ideas of having a meeting on Saturdays or one at Starbuck's where parents are on the neutral ground are excellent ideas. We need to sit down with our Principal's and ask if they are willing to have a Saturday meeting at the school or Starbucks. As of today, I haven't heard back from any of the Principals.


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I think our next step should be to call the schools or email all the Principal's and let's find our District 2 Trustee Alicia M. Perry at 210-554-2200 or email her at  (  After all, she's the one that was elected to be our Trustee who in my opinion, means that we should be able to trust that she will help all the parents within her district. I want all parents to know that this is not over because it's my job to help you and so by next week I will have an answer. Until then, let's ban together and call and email our Principles and our District 2 SAISD Trustee. I would now like to tell you about some other important news.


This past 86th Legislation in Austin there were many educational bills passed. So, as of  September 1st, 2019 both Private Schools and Public Schools will have access to records from Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) on all teachers they hire. This will help them create a no-hire list of teachers which will help protect our students. So, when a teacher applies to any school if there are any issues of misconduct, the school will have access to those records. This law will also help Texas create a do not hire list of teachers that have had issues in their past such as acting inappropriately with students. Next, you should know that we now have a way to look up current teachers that are teaching in our classrooms, which is through the NASDTEC Clearinghouse - National Association of State at (  The Clearing House helps parents find out if any of our children teachers are sex offenders or have been reported for having inappropriate sexual contact with the student.


All this will help us keep our children safe from teachers that have taken advantage of their students. I hope that all this information is helpful because it’s important we know who’s teaching our children.


If you have any questions about this article or other issues that are going on in your school please contact me at the Observer at 210.212.NEWS (6392) or by email at


Have a Great Week,


Lena Lopez








































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