Hello, SAISD Parents,

This week, I would like to explain to our Sam Houston parents why your child might be leaving campus for lunch without permission. As you all know, the school is remodeling many areas of the campus such as the cafeteria. At this time, Sam Houston doesn't have a working kitchen, so all meals are prepared at the Freshman W. W. White campus and then brought to the school. When breakfast is delivered, it is later in the morning; they bring the trays and put them into coolers and deliver them to the classrooms. I was told by some students that when lunch is brought over it’s  usually late and they have no idea what's on the menu until it arrives. When looking at the SAISD website, I looked up the menu for Sam Houston, and there's nothing currently listed at this time for lunch.


The other concern we should have is that above where students sit for lunch there is a sign posted that states "Hard Hat Area" only and there is another sign below that states the same warning. So, our children are surrounded by construction while eating their lunch. The fact that workers are required to wear a hard hat while working around our children should tell Dr. Diop that our children aren't in a safe area. The other issue is that when kids leave campus, this creates problems with attendance and could place them in danger as well. It seems that Dr. Diop wasn't concerned about having a working kitchen so that our Sam Houston students could have a hot fresh meal before school began.

The next step I took was to reach out to our city to ask if they have inspected the makeshift cafeteria but was told that SAISD is the one in charge of the inspections. When I called our district office and spoke to the department that handles our meals and nutrition at all of our schools, they were unaware of these issues at Sam Houston. They did say that they would go out and reinspect the cafeteria area.

As parents, we send our children to school to get an education, but part of that is them receiving a nutritional breakfast and lunch. If you find out that your child left campus for lunch or if you have to bring lunch to your child then know this isn't their fault. Instead, it's our Principal, Dr. Diop’s fault because he knew that this school would open without a working kitchen. The only solution he came up with is to take what construction workers removed from the old kitchen and place in a storage area and make it look like a cafeteria.

I want all parents to ask their children if they're leaving campus, getting sick or don't eat at school anymore, then please ask them why? The bottom line is that it was apparent that our school wasn't prepared for our students coming back this fall. Our children shouldn't have to sit underneath nor next to a construction area when trying to eat their lunch. It seems that putting our students as a top priority is not on Dr. Diop’s list so if he's going to collect the federal funding for school meals; then he should have made sure we have a working kitchen.

Lastly, let's see if Dr. Diop is reading this, because if he is, then a written explanation of why this is going on at Sam Houston to the parents of his students is imperative. 

Myself and many others have emailed, phoned, both Dr. Diop and D2 SAISD Trustee Alicia Perry.  There has been no comment from either ‘resource’.


Have a Great Week, 


Lena Lopez

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