A Vision for Student Success in D2


The first thing I did when I began my work serving district 2 was to establish an aggressive 100-day timeline of outreach in district 2. Now that I am a month into my seat, I have learned a great deal of the values and concerns (and dreams) from many community members. I plan on sharing more about those meetings in upcoming commentaries. This week I would like to take some time to further address my vision for district 2 in hopes of encouraging increased dialogue about what is critical to moving our community forward.


The experience I have developed as a school board member has given me a strong sense of insight about our education system. I realize student success begins with a belief in yourself. A true understanding that YOU possess the tools to succeed. Far too often, a child who does not have a belief in their ability, may never live up to their full potential. The correlation between poverty and student success is rather telling. The more impoverished a community, the greater the challenges are of keeping a child “believing” or focused on a college bound future.


Did you know that 3 of the top 5 most impoverished zip codes in Bexar County are in District 2? This means the challenges are generational and deep. Efforts to break the cycle of property must be aggressive in order to address this inequity. I will seek to create a summer bridging program at Alamo College campuses for middle school students in order to build students up and provide them with a glimpse of their potential. This is a huge task, but one that I believe is necessary to help shape their future.

I will also work diligently to support an increase of students of color enrolling in community college. Uncovering obstacles in student enrollment in college will be central to ensuring that we increase minority participation. Conversely, I will support steps to provide students with adequate resources to help them succeed.


Furthermore, I would like to ensure that our workforce is inclusive and diverse. This also extends to our business partnerships with Alamo Colleges. My intent is to ensure that our business partnerships reflect our diverse community.


I believe in mentoring students and helping them develop as leaders. I am working with community members to create a district 2 – Mentorship program that will engage students of color in board governance and public policy. This will be open to students, and leadership programs throughout D2.


Lastly, I will continue to make accessibility and responsiveness a top priority of my office. The engagement within the D2 community for the most part has been extremely supportive and positive. I am appreciative to those who have contacted me to learn more about what is inside my heart and how I am ready to advocate for our community. Please feel free to contact me directly at 210.386.0075 – I am always eager to discuss what is important to you regarding Alamo Colleges. Don’t hesitate to reach out.



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