September 24, 2019


"Either Case Is A Failure In Leadership"



A lot is going on.  In the world, in the country, in our city, in our communities, and in our homes.  The man in the White House has changed life as we knew it.  We have made discoveries that have blown our mind.  Some of our friends and families true feelings have been revealed under the Trump Administration.   Lines have been drawn and crossed.  Walls are being built- literally.  Mass shootings shown on TV do not draw crowds in astonishment watching in complete shock, everything is so normal.  Race is an everyday issue in some shape, fashion, or form.  It's like our basic humanity has been shaken to it's core.  I hear stories of families broken apart on purpose, by Trump, and stories of families broken apart on their own due to their support of Trump.  It is crazy that that is true.  Politics never entered my personal life and took over decisions down to my immediate family members.  On the other hand, if you support Trump, I cannot align personally with you.  Your values are definitely not mine, and vice versa.  All have the right to their own opinion and we all have the right to choose who we like, love, and let into our lives.  And- who we vote for. 


The elected in the White House is not accountable to anyone but himself.  Maybe a few examples are flashing through your mind of our current D2 Leadership, we mostly know what our White House Leader is about.  The corruption, the indecency, the harassment, the racist tone he has injected into all communities globally.  All of these touch the surface of describing the Trump Admin, and furthermore lend greatly to the state of America.  It is in times like these you need strong leaders whose voices inspire hope and love and basic humanity.  This is not present in San Antonio.  


We hear a lot of people state that some people are feeling 'emboldened' and 'brazened' by the White House leader.  They are more prone to do things they would not of thought to do before.  Leaders emboldened by this administration will not feel like they, either, need to be held accountable.  They will dip and dodge every 'accountability' gathering there is with an excuse of 'something more important is going on' or 'we just don't care'.  These types of bold people (who ignore their constituents) sometimes get these ideas from Trump's actions as to why they also can do it.  Some elected (from President down to City Council) are truly done with your opinion when they take their seat.  The fortunate thing is that seat has an expiration date on it.   Trump has managed to poison the great ability God gave us, and that is to trust.  Trust is the most important part of anything.  When the people do not have trust in you, you have lost.  I was personally inspired by this quote from Colin Powell, "Leadership is solving problems. The day soldiers stop bringing you their problems is the day you have stopped leading them. They have either lost confidence that you can help or concluded you do not care. Either case is a failure of leadership."  Insert any word in place of 'soldiers', I just happened to be a soldier. 


I always remember that-  "Either case is a failure of leadership".  





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